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Groovy Wall Graphics, Circa 1976

Bedroom 1970s

I never thought paper clips could look this cool. I don’t know where he’s going with his tiny suitcase and his pack of smokes, but I bet he slept in a van and had a killer time.

Groovy Wall Graphics, 1975 – 1976

Wall 75

Wall 76-2

Wall 76

Wall Graphics 76

Bathroom 70s

Third photo: God bless the stoners.

Those are empty egg cartons on the ceiling in the last shot.

(Photos via the Boston Archive, Glen.H, and Jeremy Jae)

Groovy Wall Graphics, 1976

striped wall 1976

striped wall 1976-2

rainbow wall 1976

wall stripes 70s

The black and whites are from 1976. The last photo is from a contemporary, retro-ized apartment in Singapore. My dad painted something almost exactly like those stripes, right down to the color scheme, in the first place I remember living, a tiny condo in the San Gabriel Valley.

(Images via Big Ole Photos/eBay, Boston Mass Archive/eBay, and Pagazzi)




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