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Christmas Morning, 1981: Dark Tower and AT-AT

Christmas Dark Tower 1981

One of the more epic “big ticket” combos, via EyeSPIVE. That’s the U.K. version of the game, as seen here. There’s another Dark Tower Christmas, including some AD&D toys, here.


That’s it for me until next year, kids. Thanks to everyone who follows the blog, and special thanks to all of you who have left comments (here and on Facebook) and sent me appreciative messages. Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Morning, 1982: Assembling Kenner’s AT-AT

Christmas 1982 At-At

Via the Now Playing Podcast. More Christmas AT-ATs here.

Christmas Morning, 1982: AT-AT and Big Trak

Christmas 1982-2

Christmas 1982-1

Christmas 1982-3

Christmas 1982-4

Christmas 1982-5

Daniel Baker, you are one lucky kid. I arranged the shots in what I think is consecutive order. First, we see the massive AT-AT box unwrapped. Second, dad works diligently to assemble AT-AT while kids opens the Big Trak. Third, kid puts finishing touches on the Walker as assorted Star Wars figures look on. Fourth, the Big Trak (the separately sold Transporter is in the foreground) goes for a pre-programmed spin. Fifth, kid sits on mom’s lap, admiring his toy domain, exhausted by happiness.

More Christmas morning AT-ATs here.

Christmas Morning, 1981: Opening the AT-AT

Christmas AT-AT 1981

Christmas AT-AT 1981-2

Damn you, Benjamin Oderwald and Shuffle/Repeat!

(Note big brother’s Hulk socks in the second photo. What’s on his pajamas? It’s driving me nuts.)

Christmas Morning, 1980: Star Wars, Star Snoopy, and Mr. Mouth

Chrismas 1980

That’s Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer Playset under the Land of the Jawas Playset. Among the figures you can see the Hoth Stormtrooper, my third favorite ESB figure after the AT-AT Driver and Hoth Han. Hoth Luke is also there.

Two items I’d forgotten about are Star Snoopy Colorforms (1979) and Tomy’s Mr. Mouth (1976).

SS 1979

SS 1979-2

SS 1979-3

Mr. Mouth 1976

There were a couple of different versions of Mr. Mouth, one featuring a green frog as the centerpiece, the other featuring a dopey yellow guy. The dopey yellow guy is the one I remember, but I could only find a commercial for the frog version. The yellow figure was later repurposed as a Pac-Man bank, seen below via the 1982 Tomy catalog. I got Pocket Pac-Man as a stocking stuffer in ’81 or ’82, but I never did get Mr. Mouth.

I also had the Fisher-Price Play Family Fun Jet, seen at the far left of the original photo.

Tomy 1982-4

(Christmas morning photo via the Rebel Scum forums)




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