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The Black Hole `Maximillian’ T-Shirt, 1979

Black Hole Shirt 1979

Black Hole Shirt 1979-2

Yet another gnarly Black Hole tee. See the others here.

The Black Hole T-Shirts, 1979



More Black Hole tees here and here. The red one above is the best by far. (Kid sizes only, nerds. Sad face.)

The Black Hole Ringer T-Shirt, 1979

Black Hole Tee 1979-2

Black Hole Tee 1979-1

Check out a different Black Hole shirt here.

The Black Hole T-Shirt, 1979

Black Hole Shirt 79

Black Hole Shirt 79-2

Black Hole Shirt 79-3

I didn’t think I’d win it with my paltry bid, but I sure as hell didn’t expect the son of a bitch to go for over $100. I was going to wear the thing. Now it’s “appreciating” in a special collector’s bag somewhere. What a waste.




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