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The Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt Transfers (1980) (Part Three)

SW Transfer 1980-4

SW Transfer 1980-3

SW Transfer 1980-6

SW Transfer 1980-7

SW Transfer 1980-5

SW Transfer 1980-1

SW Transfer 1980-2

I mistakenly dated two of these designs (Darth and the Falcon) as 1977 in a previous post. I still like Lando the best. More Empire transfers here.

The Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt Transfers (1980) (Part Two)

ESB Transfer 1980-4

ESB Transfer 1980-2

ESB Transfer 1980-3

ESB Transfer 1980-1

Part one is here.

(Images via eBay)

The Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt Transfers (1980)

ESB 1980-1

ESB 1980-3

ESB 1980-5

ESB 1980-4

ESB 1980-2

ESB Shirt 1980-1

There are two kinds of nerds in this world: nerds who would kill for one of these shirts, and nerds who would… Wait, I stand corrected. There’s only one kind of nerd in this world.

I don’t have words to express my covetousness of the Lando transfer. It stands among the greatest designs ever devised for a t-shirt.

(Images via eBay)

Star Wars T-Shirt Transfers, 1977

SW Transfer 1977-5

SW Transfer 1977-3

SW T-Shirt 1980

SW T-Shirt 1977-3

SW Transfer 1977-8

SW Transfer 1977-6

Lots of Empire Strikes Back transfers here and here.

(Images via eBay)




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