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Christmas Morning, Circa 1986: Nintendo Entertainment System

Alf Nintendo 1986

We just called it Nintendo at the time, because there was only one. Those Alf pajamas kill me!

(Photo via Reddit)

Christmas Morning, 1986: Coleco’s Wisecracking Alf Doll

Christmas Alf 1986

The kid is Matt on Fire, and he is also wearing Lazer Tag pajamas, a version of which can be seen below via Kitschy Kitschy Coo.

Lazer Tag Pajamas

Knight Rider Rub n’ Play Transfer Set (Colorforms, 1982)

Knight Rider Rub 1982-1

Knight Rider Rub 1982-2

Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, 1984

Ringwald Hall 1984

Lovely. This was taken during the filming of The Breakfast Club, a movie that means more to me than most. Ringwald and Hall dated briefly after filming wrapped.

The photographer is Steve Kagan via Getty Images.

TV Guide Ads for TV Movies: World War III (1982)

WWIII 1982

I only vaguely recall this two-part miniseries that focuses on the lead-up to a nuclear war through the eyes of opposing diplomats and military leaders. Not nearly as effective or frightening as The Day After, but it did premier a year earlier and was generally well received. Rock Hudson really hams it up as the POTUS, and Cathy Lee Crosby’s character is, apparently, “craving one last moment of love.” Trailer is below.

(Image via Platypus Comix)

Little House on the Prairie Colorforms Play Set (Colorforms, 1978)

Little House 1978

Little House 1978-2

Little House 1978-3

Little House 1978-4

You watched it. And you cried and cried when that jackass Albert burned down the blind school and killed Mrs. Garvey and Mary’s baby!

Did you know that Chachi burned down Arnold’s the very same year?

(Images via eBay)

Summer Sci-Fi Movie Previews, 1982

Just watch. It’s incredible.

V Trading Cards and Stickers (Fleer, 1984)









Is anyone else super amused by the word “Peel” on the featured sticker?

The Karate Kid Belt Buckle (Lee, 1986)

Karate Kid 1986

The merchandise train for the 1984 blockbuster didn’t start rolling until 1986, when The Karate Kid, Part II was released and Remco picked up the license for the remarkable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons toy line.

(Image via eBay)

Willow Activity Book (Jell-O, 1988)

Willow 1988-1

Willow 1988-2

This is the first time I’ve mentioned Willow in the three years since I started the blog. Oversight, or small mercy?

(Images via eBay and Etsy)




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