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Alex Schomburg Cover Art for Fantastic Universe and Amazing Stories (1953/1964)

Statue Schomburg

Planet of the Apes (1968) fans may find these Alex Schomburg illustrations interesting. One of the most unforgettable images in cinema had been employed in various media since the early 1900s. (Pierre Boulle’s original novel, 1963’s La Planète des Singes, makes no mention of the Statue of Liberty.) There’s an excellent history of the trope at Patrick Peccatte’s Déjà vu. It’s in French, but you’ll be able to follow.

Big Kid Reading Horror Pulp, 1941

Horror Stories April 1941-2

Horror Stories April 1941

The first photo was found at an estate sale and sold on eBay. It looks like a press photo of some sort, but I can’t identify the gent holding the magazine.

Horror Stories was a forerunner of the horror comics boom ignited by EC Comics. This particular issue was published in April 1941.

(Cover image via Fantasy Ink)




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