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College Dorm Life, Circa 1972

Dorm 70s-8

Dorm 70s-6

Dorm 70s-7

Dorm 70s-5

Dorm 70s-4

Dorm 70s-3

Dorm 70s-2

Dorm 70s-1

Dorm 1972-1

The 1972 Alice Cooper calendar (close-up below) hanging on the door in the seventh photo came inside his 1971 Killer LP. That’s how I nailed down the year. Also, the “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” and “Patience My Ass” black light posters are by Art Bevacqua, copyright 1971, and the Dancers of Mali (little poster in third photo) toured the U.S. in ’71 and ’72.

I still haven’t got the location, although I know there’s something here to give it away. There’s a Courier-News clipping in the second to last photo, a New Jersey newspaper. It ain’t Princeton. The accommodations are not nearly posh enough and the kids have too much character. Rutgers? There’s also a Courier-News in Elgin, Illinois. Let me know if you know or have an idea.

AC Killer Calendar 1972

(Photos via eBay)

Kid Wearing Batman T-Shirt, 1968

batman shirt 68


I don’t want to hear about how you were into Batman before anyone else because you saw short-ass Michael Keaton wearing a dark cape in a Jack Nicholson movie in the summer of ’89.

Kids at Party, Circa 1975

Party 1970s

The young lady’s pose pretty much sums up my perception of girls when I was a boy: effortlessly precocious, defiant, untouchable. Feminism seemed to be something they demanded by virtue of being alive, by candidly commanding a room or a conversation or the task at hand. It was an emanation, not a hollow phrase parroted about on Twitter.

The “shesmidas” on the cup is a watermark referring to the eBay store where I found the shot.

See another great found photo of the period here.


Love in a Van, Circa 1976

Van 1976

A found photo that defines ’70s youth culture more poignantly than eight years of a certain TV show that shall not be named. What a beauty, in every sense.

Can anyone figure out what’s on her shirt?

(Photo via The Kat’s Meow Antiques/eBay)

Groovy Wall Graphics, Circa 1976

Bedroom 1970s

I never thought paper clips could look this cool. I don’t know where he’s going with his tiny suitcase and his pack of smokes, but I bet he slept in a van and had a killer time.

Boy’s Room, Circa 1980

I don’t know the exact year, but the Dukes of Hazzard poster puts us between 1979 and 1985. In the first photo (click to enlarge), there’s not too much I can make out. The Bela Lugosi head, obviously, a weird koala bear pillow, some Matchbox cars. There’s a signed black and white photo on the wall, but I can’t identify the figures.

The second photo is a gold mine. Godzilla, Shogun Warriors, one of those safes with the combination lock that most of us had, a Boba Fett doll. That’s Tomy’s Digital Derby in one of the yellow cubes, and a better shot of the black and white photo. Is it the Three Stooges?

And is that the back of Galaxian 2 on the top shelf of the bookcases?




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