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A Conan Event: 1984 Conan Calendar Illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz

Conan 1984 Calendar

Conan 1984 Calendar-2

Conan 1984 Calendar-3

Beautiful work posted in its entirety at The Golden Age. I talk about my admiration of Sienkiewicz here.

Christmas Morning, 1984: Return of the Jedi

Christmas 1984 ROTJ

Christine K and her Ewok friend (also made by Kenner) among the Imperial Shuttle, the B-Wing Fighter, the Dewback reissue, the Y-Wing Fighter, the Tie Interceptor, and a slew of figures. I also see a couple of 1985 calendars: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Duran Duran.

TSR’s Days of the Dragon 1980 Calendar

Days Calendar 1980

Days Calendar Ad 1980

The cover image is via Tome of Treasures. The ad is from Dragon #33 (January, 1980). I don’t have any of the interior art, unfortunately, but the art credits are as follows:

John Barnes: April and January (1981).

Dale Carlson: January (1980), May, September, and December.

Elladan Ellrohir (real name: Kenneth Rahman): February and November. Rahman, apart from artwork under several different guises, co-designed TSR’s Divine Right and Knights of Camelot games.

Phil Foglio: June.

Bill Hannan: front cover (from Dragon #1), July, and October.

Dean Morrisey: March and August.

The incomparable Darlene did the titles and title illustrations. With due respect to the other artists, that’s what I want to see most.

I thought the first Dragon calendar came out in ’79, but I can’t seem to find any evidence.




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