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Products of Your (Sexist) Imagination: TSR’s Heart Quest Books, 1983 – 1984

Heart Quest 1984

Heart Quest 1984-2

Following the immediate success of the Endless Quest books (1982), TSR released a new series directed at girls. The “Pick a Path to Adventure” tagline was changed to “Pick a Path to Romance and Adventure,” and endless quest became heart quest, because, ladies, your life’s journey ends in the kitchen, seeing as how “you want his love to fulfill your life.” I haven’t actually read any of the books, to be honest, because they’re so rare, but I can’t imagine the quality is high enough to make up for the shameful product. The books are obviously designed to resemble the Harlequin romances of the time, and each volume had “stepback” art, meaning the cover illustration is framed by a cut-out front cover. Turning the cover reveals the full page illustration.

Larry Elmore and Jim Holloway did the cover and interior art, respectively, for the first four volumes, and children’s author Linda Lowery wrote volumes three and five. You can find more information on the series here.

The Art of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game (TSR, 1985) (Part Two)

Art of D&D078

Art of D&D079

“Death to Intruders!” acrylics, by Keith Parkinson

Art of D&D080

Music Lover,” oils, by Robin Wood

Art of D&D081

Art of D&D082

Art of D&D083

“Motherhood,” acrylic, wash, and color pencils, by Denis Beauvais

Art of D&D084

Art of D&D085

“Teamwork,” oils, by Larry Elmore

Art of D&D086

“Castle Caldwell,” oils, by Clyde Caldwell

Sources, from top to bottom:

Dragons of Doom (front cover) Endless Quest Book #13 by Rose Estes (1983)
Sabre River (front cover) Adventure Module CM3 by Douglas Niles and Bruce Nesmith (1984)
Dragon #97 (front cover) (May, 1985)
Dragon #98 (front cover) (June, 1985)
Dragon #92 (front cover) (December, 1984)
Dragon #78 (front cover) (October, 1983)
Poster designed exclusively for Sears (1984)
Castle Caldwell and Beyond (front cover) Adventure Module B9 by Harry Nuckols (1985)

The Robin Wood painting is my favorite by far. It’s the first cover she did for Dragon magazine. In the book she says:

I’ll tell you the reason I don’t like to paint dragons—all those scales! I thought I’d never finish! There are five layers of paint on each scale…

She has more to say here.

Beauvais is another favorite of mine. His color schemes and more abstract style set him apart from the reigning realism of the day.

Part one is here.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pinball Games (Larami, 1983): ‘Castle Maze’, ‘Myths & Magic’, and ‘The Quest’

AD&D Pinball 1983

AD&D Pinball Castle 1983

AD&D Pinball Castle 1983-2

AD&D Pinball Myths 1983

AD&D Pinball Quest 1983

AD&D Pinball Quest 1983-2

With Dragon Duel, we now have four AD&D handheld pinball games, all of them made by Larami. The packaging is different on these (cards instead of a box), and they appear to be smaller. Tome of Treasures suggests that there are at least five of the pinball handhelds. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more.

All of the art is by Larry Elmore. The card art, as well as the game art for Castle Maze, are from the 1983 Basic Set cover. The game art for Myths and Magic is from the Mountain of Mirrors (Endless Quest series) cover. I’d be much obliged if someone can identify the original source used for The Quest. I know I’ve seen it before, and I’m nearly positive it’s Elmore, but I can’t dig up a match.

The regulation D&D pinball machine, also featuring the Elmore painting from the Basic Set, didn’t come out until 1987.

D&D Pinball Flyer

Sears D&D Poster by Larry Elmore (1984)

Elmore Poster Sears

(Via Grognardia)

TSR’s Endless Quest Books, 1982 – 1987

Dungeon 1982

Mountain 1982

Pillars 1982

Return 1982

TSR’s Endless Quest series came out in 1982, and was promptly lapped up by D&D-heads everywhere. The “Pick-A-Path to Adventure” tag was a direct rip-off of the hugely successful Choose Your Own Adventure line, which I also loved, but Endless Quest was grittier and had cooler cover art (the covers above are by Larry Elmore).

Thanks to Demian Katz for the book cover images, and for providing a comprehensive database of the series, including a summary and review of each volume. Some ads below.

Endless Quest 1982

Endless Quest 1984

Endless Quest Ad-3




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