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Mattel’s Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game Ads, 1981/1983

Mattel 1981

Mattel 1983

From 1981 (top) and 1983 editions of Reading, Pennsylvania’s Reading Eagle newspaper. It may seem like a drastic price cut, but that is a lot of longevity for an expensive toy. The game has a 1980 copyright date, but I’m pretty sure it came out in 1981 along with Dark Tower.

Kid Scores Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game for Birthday, Circa 1981

D&D 1981

Mom, can I go over to Danielle’s house?

See the game stacked up in a 1980 toy store here.

(Photo via Brutal Chaos)

Toy Aisle Zen (1980): Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game, Super Simon, Perfection, and More

Toy Aisle 1977-2

The D&D Computer Labyrinth Game was not a big seller, as you can see. It was expensive, and D&D hadn’t yet gone viral in the kid world. Here it is with Dark Tower in the 1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog for $44.88.

1981 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog P490

Super Simon was in the same catalog for $37.99. The non-electronic games pictured—Ideal’s Rebound, Galoob’s Pro Pinball, Perfection (scared the crap out of me when that board shot up)—were much cheaper.

The photo is alluring, but also frustrating: all of those aisles in the background forever unexplored, all of those endcaps flush with eternally unidentifiable carded toys.

(First image via Historic Images/eBay)




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