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Illustrating the Act of Fantasy Role-Playing, 1981 – 1985

D&D Basic Set 1981

D&D GW 1981

D&D Basic 1982 French

Dicing with Dragons Book Club Poyser 1982

Dragon Warriors Bob Harvey 1985

The illustrations are from (top to bottom) the 1981 D&D Basic Set (Moldvay edition; art by David S. LaForce), a 1981 Games Workshop ad (artist unknown), and the 1982 French edition of the D&D Basic Set (Moldvay edition; art by Jim Holloway). I find it fascinating that the concept of role-playing was once so alien that it had to be explained with thought balloons. And I still can’t get over how awesomely bloody the GW sketch is.

If anybody knows of similar illustrations, please let me know.

UPDATE (2/11/2016): Thanks to Kai S. and Steve Wall, I’ve added two more illustrations. The first one (fourth image down) is the book club edition cover of Dicing with Dragons (1982), with art by Victoria Poyser. The second is from Dragon Warriors: Book One (1985), and the artist is Bob Harvey (see here and here). Brilliant stuff.

Write Your Own Fantasy Games for Your Microcomputer (Usborne, 1984)

Fantasy Games Usborne 1984

Fantasy Games Usborne 1984-2

Fantasy Games Usborne 1984-3

Fantasy Games Usborne 1984-4

I’m happy to say that Usborne has made this wonderful book available, along with several other early computer and coding books, right here.

Sirs, since when is a scholar a good fighter?

Tunnels & Trolls Ad, 1980

Tunnels and Trolls 1980

I found this at RPG Geek. “Blast away the fiends of Boredom”! I would have gone with even more alliteration: “Blast away the beast of Boredom!” Not quite as amazing as the “Tired of Reality?” Games Workshop ad, but close.

1982 Chaosium Catalogs: Call of Cthulhu Ads

Call of Cthulhu Spring 1982

Call of Cthulhu Winter 1982

You can read the full catalogs at Scribd.

The Keep Adventure Module (Role Aids, 1983)

The Keep Module 1983

The Keep Module 1983-2

What the hell “popular role-playing systems” are going to be compatible with The Keep? Call of Cthulhu, maybe? I’d love to browse the whole module.

Same cover art as the board game. Maybe Paramount required that this version be used on all licenses. I just noticed that the word ‘Nazi’ is not used on the front and back covers of either game.

(Images via RPG Geek)




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