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Target Toy Ads, 1985/1986

Target 1985-1

Target 1985-2

Target 1986

The first two are from 1985, and the last one is from 1986. I talk about Photon here. Some close-ups of the Karate Kid action figures are here.

I never had any of LJN’s Thundercats toys, but they look really good.

(Images via tOkKie-Pokie)

The Karate Kid Belt Buckle (Lee, 1986)

Karate Kid 1986

The merchandise train for the 1984 blockbuster didn’t start rolling until 1986, when The Karate Kid, Part II was released and Remco picked up the license for the remarkable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons toy line.

(Image via eBay)

The Karate Kid 6 Piece Action Set (Remco, 1986)

Karate Kid Remco 1986

Karate Kid Remco 1986-2

Karate Kid Remco 1986-3

First, throw the FLY in the air. Second, open your CHOPSTICKS. Third, Catch the FLY.

Jesus, I love the ’80s.

(Images via sfzdk/Flickr)

The Karate Kid Action Figures Ad (Remco, 1986)

Karate Kid 1986

I had no idea. The line came out with the release of The Karate Kid, Part II and included several playsets and accessories (Break-Away Wall, Miyagi’s Fly Catching Chopsticks). I must investigate further.

(Image via Fashion Plunder/eBay)




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