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Presto Magix Jigsaw Puzzle: The Amazing Spider-Man (Circa 1980)

Presto Spidey 1980

Awesome in retrospect, but probably annoying in action. If I want to do a puzzle, I’ll do a puzzle. I don’t want my Presto Magix action scene constrained by unnecessary borders.

The back of the box is blank. There was a hulk set as well.

(Image via eBay)

Battlestar Galactica Rub n’ Play Magic Transfer Set (Colorforms, 1978)

BSG Rub 1978-1

BSG Rub 1978-2

BSG Rub 1978-3

BSG Rub 1978-4

BSG Rub 1978-5

This set is a little different than Presto Magix and later Rub n’ Play sets. You had to rub pieces of a character or vehicle into an outline, which you would then prop up in a slot.

I believe the Rub n’ Play line started in 1978, as did Presto Magix. I’ve also seen Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, and Hollie Hobby sets from the same year.

Presto Magix: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)











More exquisite scans from Mikey Walters. Don’t miss the enlargeable finished (and signed!) product beneath each of the front covers. There were seven sets total for The Empire Strikes Back. We’re missing Dagobah Bog Planet and Ice Planet Hoth.

The first Presto Magix sets appeared in 1978, but no “rub-down transfers” were released in the U.S. with a Star Wars theme. UK company Letraset innovated the dry transfer technique beginning in about 1961, according to Wikipedia, developing children’s Instant Pictures in 1964 and Action Transfers in 1969. There were several Star Wars Letraset “scenes” released in early 1978. The original three can be seen at the brilliant old school Star Wars blog Episode Nothing.

Michael Jackson Rub n’ Play Transfers (Colorforms, 1984)

Jackson Rub 1984

Rub Mike 1984

Rub Mike 1984-2

Rub ’em here! Rub ’em there! Rub ’em EVERYWHERE! Ages 3 and up (4 and up if you want a piece of the “rubbing tool”).

Too easy, people. Too easy. Now beat it!

(See more Rub n’ Play “magic” here.)

Masters of the Universe Rub n’ Play Transfer Set (Colorforms, 1983)

MOTU 1983

MOTU 1983-2

MOTU not homoerotic enough for you, kids? Well, now you can create your own bare-skinned He-Man action with lots of rubbing and playing, provided you own a “rubbing tool” and are at least four years old! Warning: rubbing action that lasts longer than two hours may cause chafing, cramping, blurred vision and other harmful side effects.

Rub n’ Play was Colorforms’ answer to Presto Magix (though the idea of adhesive figures arranged on a backdrop was developed by Colorforms in 1951). My favorite Presto Magix knock-off is Imperial’s Rub-A-Doos.

(Images via eBay/DIG Auctions)

Imperial Toys: The Fall Guy Rub-A-Doos (1982)

Fall Guy Rub-A-Doos

Fall Guy Rub-A-Doos-2

That’s got to be the worst likeness of Lee Majors I’ve ever seen. And why is an astronaut on fire on the top of the package?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Instant Rub-Down Picture Transfers (1981)

D&D transfers

D&D transfers-3

D&D transfers-2

Wicked. These appear to be Trampier’s and Sutherland’s illustrations from the original Monster Manual (1977). And they’ve been marked down to 25 cents each!

Images are via the brilliant Monster Brains. Go there to see all of the transfers and other killer stuff.

Original Presto Magix Display Case

Yes, you remember. A few years ago I bought The Empire Strikes Back set and opened one. The transfers didn’t work, but that beautiful, distinctive scent was completely intact.

Anyway, Plaid Stallions bought this son of a gun, and it’s for sale. Email if interested.




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