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Tron Video Game Tournament, 1982





That’s Cindy Morgan (Lora/Yori) and David Warner (Dillinger/Sark/MCP) in the first two photos. One of them looks luminous, and it ain’t the one dressed like a bum. Do you remember the monitors on top of the arcade cabs? No added pressure or anything.

According to the promotional poster below, the finals were held at Madison Square Garden on July 6th and 7th, 1982. Tron premiered on July 9th.


(Images via the Tron Forums, the Examiner, Kolonai, All in for a Quarter, and the Unfiction Forums)

Discs of Tron Environmental Cabinet Tour

Just found this brilliant, super comprehensive tour by supertechnoboy of the Atomic Buffalo Arcade and had to share. Can you guess how many light bulbs this thing uses? Let’s see if you get chills when the music starts.

Christmas Morning, 1982: G.I. Joe and Tron

Christmas 1982-1

Christmas 1982-2

Compulsive Collector (see lots more Christmas toy cheer at the link) patrols the living room on his G.I. Joe Laser Defense Patrol Power Cycle. Coleco released a number of Joe trikes and ride-on vehicles starting in 1982, some of which you can see here.

There’s an empty Tron Light Cycle box on the ground to his right. The Light Cycle (orange) is on his left. In the second photo, he’s holding the Tron action figure and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Read-Along record. You can also see The Pac-Man Album (1980), a two-sided picture disc, playing on a Smurfs record player.

As toy and game vintages go, 1982 was extraordinary.

Tomy’s TRON Light Cycles (1982)

Tron Cycle 1982-1

Tron Cycle 1982-2

Tron Cycle 1982-3

Tron Cycle 1982-4

Tron Cycle 1982-5

Tron Cycle 1982-6

Tron Cycle 1982-8

Tron Cycle 1982-7

Tomy’s TRON action figures are here. Jason makes a good case at Contra Dextra Avenue that the second cycle is orange, not red, since Tron rode an orange cycle.

The price tag on the yellow cycle looks like it’s from Best Products.

Notes from a Time Capsule, 1983

Time Cap-1

Time Cap-2

Time Cap-3

I sense a theme in these 6th grade student statements from the 1982-1983 school year, summed up nicely by Navin Joneja: “The movie Tron is a perfect example of how computers might take over the world.”

The capsule was sealed in 1983 and released in 2006. The photos are via Mike Bouchard, who was in the class that wrote the notes.


1979 and 1982 Tomy Catalogs: Mighty Men and Monster Maker, Rascal Robots, Tron, and More

Tomy 1979-1

Tomy 1979-2

Tomy 1979-3

Tomy 1979-4

Tomy 1979-5

Tomy 1982-1

Tomy 1982-2

Tomy 1982-3

Tomy 1982-4

Select pages only. The Mighty Men and Monster Maker commercial is here. Note the creepy painted faces on the Tron figures, making them all look like Michael Myers. Going fully translucent was the lesser of two evils. I wanted that Tomytronic Tron game badly.

Cinefantastique Volume 12, Number 4 (1982): Tron Article

CFQ May-June 1982 pg. 18

CFQ May-June 1982 pg. 19

CFQ May-June 1982 pg. 20

CFQ May-June 1982 pg. 21

Interesting piece on the revolutionary effects of Tron, and the inevitable movement of film to a digital format. Says Richard Taylor, co-supervisor of special effects:

Computers can’t replace the uniqueness of actors. If a motion picture does not connect to your heart, it doesn’t matter how it looks. You cannot save a film by making it look good…

I don’t want people to believe that computers are a threat to society. They’re a creative tool that will allow people to express themselves more clearly, more uniquely. They are only going to make our lives easier.

TRON Yo-Yo (Duncan, 1982)

Tron Yo Yo 1982-3

Tron Yo Yo 1982-4

I guess it’s kind of like a disc. And it looks like it will emanate from your fingers in a web of ghostlike, video energy. String is for Users!

Tomy’s Tron Action Figures: Flynn, Sark, Warrior, and Tron (1981/1982)

Tron Flynn 1980

Tron Sark

Tron Warrior

Tron Tomy 1982

Tron Card Back

They glowed in the dark, and so did their discs (and the Warrior’s staff). The discs could be attached to the figures’ backs as well. The line was poorly articulated and sold poorly.

The light cycles were pretty cool. The figures fit inside, and there was a ripcord you inserted into the back of the cycle and yanked. I’ll post them both (yellow and red/orange) separately.

UPDATE (10/21/14): I found another set of carded figures at various price points. See below.

Tron Sark 1982

Tron Sark 1982

Tron Warrior 1982

Tron Tron 1982

TRON Review and D&D Tournament Ad (1982)

Tron Review 7-9-82

From the July 9, 1982 edition of The Miami News. I thought the review was interesting because it’s basically how I feel about every sci-fi movie from the last 20 years, except for Moon, Children of Men, and a handful of others. Is it possible that gratuitously vacuous blockbusters like Avatar and Prometheus will be considered classics in 30 years? I’ll admit that TRON is far from a perfect movie, but it does have a soul.

The ad below was on the same page of the paper. What makes a geek a geek is not keeping “that precocious little imagination occupied,” but keeping it challenged. At least that used to be what made a geek a geek. Now you can just dress up in elaborate costumes and prowl your Con of choice, and I guess that’s enough.

D&D Tournament 1982




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