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Kid Wearing The Goonies T-Shirt, Circa 1985

Goonies Circa 1986

Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now they gotta do what’s right for them, ’cause it’s their time… their time—up there. Down here it’s our time. It’s our time down here. That’s all over the second we ride up Troy’s bucket.

(Photo via Bo Nash)

The Goonies Segment on Entertainment Tonight, 1985

Interviewer: “What kind of actor do you really want to be?”

Jeff Cohen: “A rich one.”

The Goonies Collector Series Glasses, 1985

Goonies 1985-1

Goonies 1985-2

Goonies 1985-3

Goonies 1985-4

These are giveaways from Pizza Hut, I believe. I watched a bootleg copy of The Goonies every night during the summer of 1985.

(Images via eBay)

A Portrait of Young Geeks Playing D&D (1980)

D&D portrait 1980

D&D portrait 1980-2

D&D portrait 1980-3

These are from the 1980 Libertyville (a northern suburb of Chicago) High School Yearbook, courtesy of edenpictures/Flickr. John Olson’s explanation of the game on the first page may be the best one I’ve ever heard.

Interesting how they’re referred to as the Dungeons and Dragons people. Why not players? Or fans? Maybe because no one really understood them. They were those people. They were Goonies.

And what about the crux of the blurb: “The game provides its participants with the action, battle, and adventure they may never find in real life”? Isn’t the act of pretending a real life event? If I imagine that I’m swinging a sword at a red dragon while rolling a d20, am I not finding adventure in real life? It’s a less physical experience than running between the tackles on a football field, but it’s no less real.

Look closely at these kids. They were themselves, and they probably took a lot of shit for it. They were geeks before geeks were cool.

All Denim, All the Time: Sean Astin Edition

I don’t want to hear it. If a Goonie wants to wear head to toe denim, then by One-Eyed Willie’s rich stuff that Goonie shall wear head to toe denim. Mock him for it at your peril.

God save the Goonies!




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