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The Art of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game (TSR, 1985) (Part Two)

Art of D&D078

Art of D&D079

“Death to Intruders!” acrylics, by Keith Parkinson

Art of D&D080

Music Lover,” oils, by Robin Wood

Art of D&D081

Art of D&D082

Art of D&D083

“Motherhood,” acrylic, wash, and color pencils, by Denis Beauvais

Art of D&D084

Art of D&D085

“Teamwork,” oils, by Larry Elmore

Art of D&D086

“Castle Caldwell,” oils, by Clyde Caldwell

Sources, from top to bottom:

Dragons of Doom (front cover) Endless Quest Book #13 by Rose Estes (1983)
Sabre River (front cover) Adventure Module CM3 by Douglas Niles and Bruce Nesmith (1984)
Dragon #97 (front cover) (May, 1985)
Dragon #98 (front cover) (June, 1985)
Dragon #92 (front cover) (December, 1984)
Dragon #78 (front cover) (October, 1983)
Poster designed exclusively for Sears (1984)
Castle Caldwell and Beyond (front cover) Adventure Module B9 by Harry Nuckols (1985)

The Robin Wood painting is my favorite by far. It’s the first cover she did for Dragon magazine. In the book she says:

I’ll tell you the reason I don’t like to paint dragons—all those scales! I thought I’d never finish! There are five layers of paint on each scale…

She has more to say here.

Beauvais is another favorite of mine. His color schemes and more abstract style set him apart from the reigning realism of the day.

Part one is here.




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