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Christmas List, 1980

Christmas List 1980

Heather Toupin says she dictated the list to her grandfather. The “Kitten????” is priceless. I was stoked to see the Star Rider, a cool toy that was made only for a couple of years. Glow in the dark Shrinky Dinks were a thing.

Christmas List, 1981

Christmas List 1981

Side one of Timothy Smith‘s mom-transcribed list. I think he pretty much nails it. The Fisher-Price Sea Shark and Land Speed Racer are classic Adventure People sets.

I assume that “Hoth military vehicles – on[e] that looks like it flys” is the Snowspeeder.

I wonder if he got his machine gun.

Letters to Santa, 1982

LTS 1982-1

LTS 1982-2

LTS 1982-4

LTS 1982-3

LTS 1982-4

“My old B.B. gun just doesn’t have enough power to kill what I want to shoot.” Yup. The letters are from a Texas newspaper. Lots of Atari and tabletop/mini arcade game mentions, especially Pac-Man, and one brave soul asked for “electronic Dungeons and Dragons.”

Christmas List, Circa 1980

Christmas List 1980-1

Christmas List 1980-2

An epic two-page list the author of Life in Smirley World bestowed upon her soon-to-be destitute grandparents when she was eight or nine. Some thoughts I had while going through all the items:

  1. Gold snake belt?
  2. “Rubik’s cube on the key chain (comes that way)”—I had one of those! Cheap bastard.
  3. Animal Posters?
  4. I like how she sneaks Parakeet in between Barbie Dreamhouse and Ziggy bookmark.
  5. There appears to be some conflicting emotions regarding Preppies.
  6. I had Missing Link and Pyraminx too. Frustrating bastards.
  7. “$2.00 (for something certian I want)” followed by “Money” is pretty gutsy, and priceless.
  8. I like how she sneaks Atari in between paint by numbers sets and Tri Lab Pak.
  9. Merlin!




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