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The Scrambler Reading Series: Panic and More Disaster Stories (Xerox, 1977)

Panic 1977-1

Panic 1977-2

Panic 1977-3

Panic 1977-4

Panic 1977-5

Panic 1977-6

Panic 1977-7

Panic 1977-8

Published at the height of the disaster film boom, this “educational” comic, illustrated by Frank Bolle and Tony DiPreta, takes on a “poisonous smoke cloud,” an earthquake, and, for some reason, a tidal wave. You can read all of the stories at the impeccably named Stupid Comics, where I got the images above. I’m not sure what exactly we’re learning here. Hold on to the roof of your house and surf the wave? The earthquake story is nearly as good, as it pits folk-rocking teens against some ornery geezers in a resting home—not to worry; the generational rancor is assuaged in the end by a… tambourine?

Other volumes in the Scrambler Reading Series include Space Trucker and Other Science Fiction Stories (1978), Shark!: Stories About Fighting to Win (1976), The Baron: Stories About Law and Order (1978), and The Nightwalker and More Scary Tall Tales (1976). I really would like to get my hands on these, especially the one with the shark.




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