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Discs of Tron Environmental Cabinet Tour

Just found this brilliant, super comprehensive tour by supertechnoboy of the Atomic Buffalo Arcade and had to share. Can you guess how many light bulbs this thing uses? Let’s see if you get chills when the music starts.

Electronic Games #22 (December, 1983): ‘Players Guide to Microcomputers’, Discs of Tron

EG #22 1983-1

EG #22 1983-2

EG #22 1983-3

EG #22 1983-4EG #22 1983-5

EG #22 1983-6EG #22 1983-7

EG #22 1983-8EG #22 1983-9

EG #22 1983-10EG #22 1983-11

EG #22 1983-12

Interesting that Coleco’s Adam, which I’d totally forgotten about, comes in ahead of Apple and the TRS-80. The first computer I got was my beloved Atari 800. That was about 1983. The first “family” computer we got was an IBM PS/2 in ’87 or ’88. My parents got a substantial discount through my high school. By that time, I had realized that learning how to program and “hack” was hard work, and the games for IBM were pretty lousy. My attention had shifted to Nintendo and my electric guitar—and girls.

Below is a quick, fun review of my favorite video game ever, Discs of Tron, from the same issue. Read the whole magazine at





Fuck Yeah Discs of Tron

Easily the greatest video gaming experience of my life, I first played the full environmental cabinet of DoT at Disneyland’s Starcade. Enveloped in black light and stereophonic sound, I was there,  on the gaming grid of the mainframe, until I died playing (i.e. ran out of quarters).

The Starcade opened in 1977, a few years before Tron came out, and I almost always spent a couple of hours there. I remember mostly the slew of Tron games (both the original with the light cycles and DoT) and rows of pristine air hockey tables.

For the opening of the really sillyTron: Legacy, Disney opened a replica of Flynn’s Arcade and filled it with old school games, including the original Tron and a newly released Space Paranoids designed to look like the game Flynn played in the original movie. No DoT to be found, sadly, at least not in the video teaser below.

Hopefully these beauties were moved to the Starcade, which is something of a cultural landmark in itself, though it has been neglected for many years, the top floor closed off (that’s where my DoT was), two tired air hockey machines and that stupid basketball toss game on the ground floor.

UPDATE (1/10/12): I don’t know how long it will last, but you can play Discs of Tron and Classic Tron at the Disney Game Site.




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