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Motel Postcards, Circa 1969 – 1980

8 Inn 1970s-2

8 Inn 1970s-1

Fort Worther 1970s-1

Fort Worther 1970s-2

Thunder 1970s

Thunder 1970s-2

Amish 1970s-3

Amish 1970s-4

Country 1970s

Country 1970s-2

Amenities include “bath and shower combination,” “direct dial phones,” “custom designed furnishings,” “ceramic tiled baths,” “meeting rooms,” and “shuffleboard.”

Motel Postcards, Circa 1972 – 1981

Motel Knights 1970s

Motel Knights 1970s-2

Motel Orleans 1970s

Motel Orleans 1970s-2

Motel Esplenade Wildwood 1970s

Motel Executive 1970s

Motel Holiday 1970s

Motel Holiday 1970s-2

Motel Wildwood 1981

Motel Wildwood 1981-2

The journey was once part of the vacation. Hell, the journey might have been the vacation.

There’s an arcade cabinet in the game room of the last postcard, but I can’t identify it. Paging Brad Conrad!

UPDATE (11/12/15) Tom at Garage Sale Finds nailed it. The game is Midway’s Stunt Pilot from 1971. The copyright date on the postcard is 1981, but clearly the photos are from the early ’70s.




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