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Christmas Morning, 1981: Dark Tower and AT-AT

Christmas Dark Tower 1981

One of the more epic “big ticket” combos, via EyeSPIVE. That’s the U.K. version of the game, as seen here. There’s another Dark Tower Christmas, including some AD&D toys, here.


That’s it for me until next year, kids. Thanks to everyone who follows the blog, and special thanks to all of you who have left comments (here and on Facebook) and sent me appreciative messages. Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Morning, 1982: Mego’s Eagle Force: Eagle Island Deluxe Playset

Christmas Morning Eagle Island

A little known playset for a well-done line that was gunned down when Mego went bankrupt. I remember the 2″ high, die-cast metal figures circulating on the playground before G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. There’s also a Remco Warlord figure in the shot.

The Eagle Island commercial is here, and I’m adding some better pictures of the set below.

Eagle Force Island-1

Eagle Force Island-2

Eagle Force Island-3

Eagle Force Island-4

Eagle Force Island-5

Eagle Island 82-5

Eagle Island 82-6

Eagle Island 82-7

Eagle Island 82-8

Christmas Morning, 1984: Return of the Jedi

Christmas 1984 ROTJ

Christine K and her Ewok friend (also made by Kenner) among the Imperial Shuttle, the B-Wing Fighter, the Dewback reissue, the Y-Wing Fighter, the Tie Interceptor, and a slew of figures. I also see a couple of 1985 calendars: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Duran Duran.

Christmas Morning, 1982: Pac-Man for the Atari 400/800

Christmas Atari 1982

Pac-Man Atari 400 800

I forgot how big the cart boxes were for the 400/800. The console wars of the late ’70s and early ’80s were fought largely through package art and package design. Demo centers were few and far between, but we all saw the boxes faced out under glass counters or behind the registers. The 400/800 packages were bigger, Atari would have us believe, because the contents were more sophisticated. Pac-Man wasn’t just a game when played on the Atari 400 and 800. It was a “computer program.”

When I got my 800 in ’82 or ’83, it came bundled with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

(Photo via vigorito; box scan via Atari Mania)

Christmas Morning, Circa 1979: Intellivision

intelligent television

Michael Paulus landed the greatest console of all time.

Christmas Morning, 1982: Assembling Kenner’s AT-AT

Christmas 1982 At-At

Via the Now Playing Podcast. More Christmas AT-ATs here.

Christmas Morning, 1979: Star Wars, Micronauts, Buck Rogers, and The Black Hole

Christmas 1978-3

Membros and Repto! There’s also a torn open The Black Hole action figure above the Micronauts. Maximillian is standing on Monopoly.

(Photo via the Rebelscum Forums)

Christmas Morning, Circa 1972: Barbie’s Friend Ship

Christmas 1974 Barbie

Barbie Friend Ship 1972

Barbie Friend Ship 1972-2

Barbie Friend Ship 1972-3

Barbie has plenty of access to the kitchen, but not the pilot’s seat. Really colorful 1972 set that mirrors the decor of the real deal. It looks like Mattel toned it down in 1974, according to that year’s JCPenney Christmas catalog.

Barbie Friend Ship 1972-4

(Images via The Stumbling Christian, Etsy, and Wishbook)




Christmas Morning, 1969: Milton Bradley’s Barnabas Collins: Dark Shadows Game

Christmas 1969

Kid also appears to be dressed up as Barnabas Collins. Wrong holiday, kid! The first goth?

You can also see MPC’s Carry Case Castle on the bottom right. I’m not sure what the other box is.

UPDATE (12/21/15): I’m pretty sure the other box is MPC’s Space Control Center, seen below.

Space Control Center 1969

Space Control Center 1969-2

(Top photo via TimeWarp Toys)

Christmas Morning, 1978 and 1979: Mattel’s Shogun Warrior Godzilla

Christmas 1978 godzillas

Christmas Godzilla 1979

One of the greats, via poseable monster and Scott Crawford.




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