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Alex Schomburg Cover Art for Fantastic Universe and Amazing Stories (1953/1964)

Statue Schomburg

Planet of the Apes (1968) fans may find these Alex Schomburg illustrations interesting. One of the most unforgettable images in cinema had been employed in various media since the early 1900s. (Pierre Boulle’s original novel, 1963’s La Planète des Singes, makes no mention of the Statue of Liberty.) There’s an excellent history of the trope at Patrick Peccatte’s Déjà vu. It’s in French, but you’ll be able to follow.

Mego’s Planet of the Apes Toys at Lionel Play World, 1974




A “living replica” is just a guy in an ape suit, right?

From The Palm Beach Post, October 16, 1974.

The Art of Earl Norem: Planet of the Apes #8, #22, and #28 (1975 – 1977)

Norem Original Pencils 1975

Norem POTA #8 1975

Norem POTA #22 1976 original

Norem POTA #22

norem pota 28 1977

POTA #28

Many of Earl Norem’s original pencils and paintings, from the ’60s through the ’90s, are popping up on eBay. (The original pencils for Planet of the Apes #28 went for over $1000.) A lot of it is in pretty rough shape—multiple folds, tattering, yellowing. Illustration was a tough gig, and artists had to crank out page after page of quality work to make a living. Even for Norem, who was well established by this point, there was no time for sentimentality. It was all business.

The more I see from Norem, the more I realize how much he contributed to the vision of almost every major kid’s property from the late ’70s through the late ’80s, including Conan, The Six Million Dollar Man, Indiana Jones, Planet of the Apes, Buck Rogers, Masters of the Universe, D&D, Marvel Comics (superhero and horror), G.I. Joe, and the Transformers.

The amount of detail he squeezes into his cover paintings is staggering. See the control panels in #28, the chimp’s hair in #22, and the dense, layered colors he uses to fill the big spaces in #8.

Planet of the Apes Trading Cards (1969, 1975)

POTA Box 1969

PotA Trading Cards-4

PotA Trading Cards-5

PotA Trading Cards-6

PotA Trading Cards

PotA Trading Cards-2

PotA Trading Cards-3

PotA Trading Cards-9

PotA Trading Cards-10

The first four images are from the 1969 set. All others are from the 1975 set that came out with the release of the Planet of the Apes TV series—actually, the cards debuted after the short-lived show was cancelled (in December of 1974). Both sets were released by Topps.

My strongest memory of the Planet of the Apes movies is watching them in after-school daycare. All the kids (and a teacher or two) would huddle around the tiny TV, totally mesmerized. I would keep looking for my mom out of the corner of my eye so that when she showed up I could beg her to let me stay. The movies would play in the same slot, consecutively, throughout the week.

I’m not sure there was a greater influence on a kid’s world than syndication and having to choose between 13 channels.

Movie Theater Marquees: Planet of the Apes (1968, 1973)

PotA Marquee

Loew’s Capitol Theater, New York City, 1968

PotA Marquee-2

Hoyts Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 1968

PotA Marquee-3

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, 1973

(Photos via William Burge via Cinema Retro)




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