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Christmas Morning, 1978: Everything! (Part One)

Mikey Christmas 1978

Are you serious? There’s an entire layer of toys that’s covered by other toys!

The Spider-Man comic on the right, underneath the Death Star, is Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #27, a Bronze Age key. It marks the first time Frank Miller drew Daredevil.

The ship on the left, above the Radio-Control Racer, is a Star Bird Avenger. Right next to it is the Star Bird Command Base, seen below via John Kenneth Muir.

Star Bird Command Base

The red box under the tree is Tin Can Alley, a shooting game from Ideal. The rifle emitted a light pulse that, if aimed correctly, would knock over the cans on the “range.”

(First image via WEBmikey/Flickr)

(Video via tvdays/YouTube)

1979 Sears Christmas Catalog: Big Trak and Rom

The Big Trak was kind of lame, to be honest, but if I found one on my doorstep I would probably start weeping with glee. Why make me pre-program my space vehicle to go places instead of letting me remote control it the whole damn time? At least give me both options, right? I guess it gave kids the idea that they were computer programmers, and that in the future this experience would get them hired by NASA to drive a much bigger space vehicle around the fields and mountains of Mars. Hell, maybe the Mohawk Guy had a Big Trak!

Ah, Rom. Sir, you are no Micronauts.

Big Trak

What the hell did this thing do again?

Uh-huh. What the hell did this thing do again?




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