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Close Encounters of the Third Kind Frisbee (Wham-O, 1978)

CE Frisbee 1978

A flying saucer flying saucer. Well played, Wham-O.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Flyer (Larami, 1984)

AD&D FF 1984

Image is via Cyclopeatron. Check out the red version, in package, at Tome of Treasures. With the exception of Strongheart, all of the art used is by Timothy Truman, as seen in The Art of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game.

The smaller Fantasy Flyers are here.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Flyer (Larami, 1983)

AD&D Flyers 1983

Early in 1984 a group of Wisconsin nerds dressed up in homemade ring mail took several fantasy flyers to the steam tunnels and played “Dungeon Frolf” for two consecutive days and nights. One of the nerds never came back, and it’s Larry Elmore’s fault!

Wham-O Ad, 1982: `Fantasy Series’ Frisbees

Wham-O 1982

You can’t make them out really well in the ad, but the series included Pegasus, a dragon, and, for some reason, a butterfly. How about a wizard, guys?

Here’s a close-up of the dragon. The copyright date is 1981. There’s no such thing as a D&D flying disc (“Frisbee” is a Wham-O trademark), is there? Yes, there is.

Wham-O 1982-2

(Images via eBay and eBay)




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