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Target Toy Ads, 1985/1986

Target 1985-1

Target 1985-2

Target 1986

The first two are from 1985, and the last one is from 1986. I talk about Photon here. Some close-ups of the Karate Kid action figures are here.

I never had any of LJN’s Thundercats toys, but they look really good.

(Images via tOkKie-Pokie)

Christmas Morning, 1985: Sectaurs Hyve Action Play Set and M.A.S.K. Boulder Hill Playset

Christmas Circa 1985

Sectaurs Hyve 1985

Sectaurs Hyve 1985-2

Mask Boulder Hill 1985

Mask Boulder Hill 1985-2

Nice loot, Kris Klinge. I dig those sofas, too.

P.S. The art on the Hyve box is incredible. I’m not sure who painted it, but I’ll look into it.




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