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Portrait of a Young Geek Playing Dungeons & Dragons, 1982

Mike Hughes The Arrow 1982

The geek and “Dragon Master” is Michael Hughes, a writer, teacher, performer, and occultist. Hughes founded the D&D Club at Andover High in 1981-1982, and, as luck (or fate) would have it, one of his homemade adventure modules appears in a compendium I wrote about a couple of years ago, The Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord and Other Adventures from Our Shared Youth. Mike talks a bit about D&D and The Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord here.

At the link you’ll also see an old school character sheet for “Grey Wanderer,” a half-elf ranger/cleric who possesses suspiciously high ability scores—though not so much in the way of looks, poor fellow. You’ll notice “Chaotic Good” listed under languages. That’s not a mistake. “Alignment languages” were a thing in the early versions of D&D and AD&D.

If you’re into Lovecraftian horror, do check out Mike’s novels Blackwater Lights and Witch Lights, published by Random House.

Mike Hughes CS

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet, Circa 1982

AD&D Character 1981

AD&D Character 1981-2

Meet Grimlin. He’s a level 13 lawful good Elf Lord with a passable 1,900 hit points and 1,500,000 experience points. Trey tells the epic tale at his blog, From the Sorcerer’s Skull, and has a separate post about his cousin’s old school dungeon map, which contains a tower filled with “vestal virgins & such.”

There’s a lot to love about Grimlin and his myriad possessions (and “henchmen”), and everyone is going to have a favorite bit. For me, it’s the parenthetical four words under experience points on the bottom right of the second page: “(has been to college)“!

Send it all to PlaGMaDA, Trey! Grimlin deserves nothing less than immortality (although, honestly, he’s pretty much there already).




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