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1984 HG Toys Catalog: Masters of the Universe, Blue Thunder, Eagle Force, and The Last Starfighter





I think the Masters of the Universe franchise stinks. To me, it’s just a dumbed down mash-up of D&D and Star Wars. Still, there’s no denying its overwhelming impact on the kid world at the time. Do I happen to have an awesome photo of a youngster holding the sword and shield (and wearing the belt) from one of these HG sets? I do.

There was a Blue Thunder toy line produced by Multi-Toys, for some reason, but I believe only the helicopter made it to the shelves. Leave it to HG to jump on the scraps: Blue Thunder Dress Up Helmet Set?

Eagle Force was an action figure line released by Mego in 1982, the same year G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero premiered. (I’ll delve into the two lines at some point, because it’s clear that Hasbro ripped off some of Mego’s designs). Mego shut down operations in 1982, and Eagle Force was done, so it’s curious to see the name still being used in ’84.

The Last Starfighter Target Set is so incompetent that I sort of adore it. Is that supposed to be Grig on the right? Mercy.

(Images via Parry Game Preserve)

The Last Starfighter Soundtrack

I was dying to hear this soundtrack after my last post, and voila, here it is.

Thanks, NorskTorsk!

Defend the Frontier Against Xur and the Ko-dan Armada

Starfighter Cabinet

Starfighter Screen

Oh yeah. Rogue Synapse is working on a “functioning Starfighter cabinet” that will play like the one in the nerdtastic ’80s classic, The Last Starfighter. You can actually download and play the final version of the game here. I’ll be all over this when the kid goes to sleep tonight.

Thanks to Wil Wheaton for the heads up.

Happy Friday.




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