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Skateboarder on Homemade Half Pipe, 1981

Skate Ramp 1982-2

A better shot of the crew and their ramp is below. Both are from Bulldog Skates, where you can see more old school madness.

Skate Ramp 1982

Kid Jumping His Schwinn Stingray in the Street, Circa 1977

Schwinn Stingray Circa 1980

Looks like a 1974 model, but I’m guessing these two had been rattling around together for a couple of years before this shot was taken. My best bike was a 1981 Schwinn Scrambler with red mags. I’d ride it to the dirt ramp behind the nearby Stater Brothers and get schooled by the big kids who launched their sun-spangled rides into the inner atmosphere with lit Camels dangling from their lips.


Anyway, I’m back. My mission hasn’t changed. Anyone who is interested in smartly reviewing/discussing/unearthing relevant cultural artifacts from the 1960s through the 1980s should drop me a line at

(Photo via The Selvedge Yard)

1980 Schwinn Catalog

Schwinn 1980-1

Schwinn 1980-2

Schwinn 1980-3

Schwinn 1980-4

Schwinn 1980-5

Schwinn 1980-6

Schwinn 1980-7

Schwinn 1980-8

Schwinn 1980-9

Sweet Jesus. The Sting! The Phantom Scrambler!

Peruse a whole bunch of catalogs at Schwinn Cruisers.




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