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Christmas Morning, 1985: Tyco’s Transformers Electric Train and Battle Set

Young Kranix opening the Transformers Tyco train set on Christmas!

Tyco also released a glow-in-the-dark slot car set for the Transformers, shown below. There was also a slot car set for the GoBots (Space Chase, by LJN) and Voltron (Spinout in Space, by LJN). Such was the transforming robot craze of ’84 to ’86.

(Photo via JTKranix)

Tyco Transformers 1985

Tyco Transformers 1985-2

Tyco Transformers 1985-3

1983 Tyco Catalog

Tyco 1983-1

Tyco 1983-2

Tyco 1983-6

Tyco 1983-3

Tyco 1983-4

Tyco 1983-5

Select pages only. See the whole catalog here. As beautiful as the ad is for the G.I. Joe train set, the reality was a let down, especially when compared to the Hasbro toys. The increasingly insane Cliff Hangers line, however, was not a let down, provided you could keep the track from coming apart.





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