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Dungeons & Dragons Playing Cards (Heraclio Fournier Vitoria, 1985)

D&D Fournier-1

D&D Fournier-2

D&D Fournier-3

From Spain, where the animated series was very big and the kids ran around in D&D sweatsuits.

(Images via eBay)

Dungeons & Dragons Power Cycle (Coleco, 1984) (Part Two)

D&D Cycle-8

D&D Cycle-9

D&D Cycle-10

Many thanks to Anthony Savini and Cecily Tyler, director-producer and producer (respectively) of the one and only Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary, for the pics. Thanks also to Bill Meinhardt and Scott Brand. The cycle is part of their incredible D&D collection.

The box front is missing Bobby and Uni, but Strongheart, who appears in only one episode of the cartoon, is front and center. I’m trying to track down the artist.

More on the Power Cycle (“Exciting 3-D Dragon Head”) here.

Dungeons & Dragons TV Series Promotional Poster (1983)

D&D Promo 1983

D&D Promo 1983-2

The art is by a young Bill Sienkiewicz, and was used later for the cover of the board game Le Sourire du Dragon. Too bad the atmosphere and look of the promo didn’t make it into the actual series.

Executive producers David Depatie and Lee Gunther also worked on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.

(Images via eBay)




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