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The Black Hole Wallpaper (Borden, 1979)

BH Wallpaper-2

BH Wallpaper-1

BH Wallpaper-3

Strangely aseptic design, isn’t it? Via eBay.

Tabletop Games: Black Hole in Space (Schaper, 1979)

Black Hole Schaper

Black Hole Schaper-2

Where else would a black hole be, Schaper? Actually, there was a never produced game based on the Black Hole movie (below, as seen in Marx’s 1980 The Black Hole catalog) that looks exactly the same, except Marx’s version makes sense and looks cool. I’m not sure why Schaper thought the silly thing would sell separated from the movie, especially when presented in that godawful box!

Black Hole Game 1979

(Images via eBay and Plaid Stallions)

The Black Hole `Maximillian’ T-Shirt, 1979

Black Hole Shirt 1979

Black Hole Shirt 1979-2

Yet another gnarly Black Hole tee. See the others here.

Christmas Morning, 1979: Star Wars, Micronauts, Buck Rogers, and The Black Hole

Christmas 1978-3

Membros and Repto! There’s also a torn open The Black Hole action figure above the Micronauts. Maximillian is standing on Monopoly.

(Photo via the Rebelscum Forums)

The Black Hole T-Shirts, 1979



More Black Hole tees here and here. The red one above is the best by far. (Kid sizes only, nerds. Sad face.)

The Black Hole Book Bag (1979)





With “lunch money” pouch!

The Black Hole Ringer T-Shirt, 1979

Black Hole Tee 1979-2

Black Hole Tee 1979-1

Check out a different Black Hole shirt here.

South African The Black Hole `Space Adventure Wall Chart’ (1979)

Black Hole SA-1

Black Hole SA-2

Black Hole SA-3

The poster/chart was produced by Caltex, a Chevron subsidiary. According to South African Comic Books, there were 20 stickers to be collected and stuck to the second side of the poster. On side one, you’ll see a way-too-excited kid holding some of them up. There’s also a big Maximillian display on top of the fuel pump!

Walt Disney Super 8 Movie Catalog (1980)





Courtesy of Tom at Garage Sale Finds, where you can flip through the whole catalog. I suspect the (costly) films here were purchased primarily by elementary schools, because I remember watching a number of Disney flicks on the trusty projector in the 1970s. They were always the second tier films, though: Herbie, Snowball Express, The Apple Dumpling Gang, etc. I would have jumped around like a delighted madman if one of the teachers had busted out The Black Hole.

The Black Hole Sunglasses (1979)

Black Hole Sunglasses 1979

Black Hole Sunglasses 1979-2

The gravitational singularity’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…




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