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Robotech Sunglasses (Imperial Toys, 1985)

Robotech Glasses 1985

Robotech Glasses 1985-2

(Images via Etsy)

Robotech Centerpiece, Party Favors, and Party Game (Amscan, 1985)

Robotech Centerpiece 1985-1

Robotech Centerpiece 1985-2

Robotech Party Favors 1985-2

Robotech Party Favors 1985-1

Robotech Pin 1985-1

Robotech Pin 1985-2

It’s a real shame we can’t see the battle scene on the “Pin the Gun on the Robot” game.

Matchbox’s Robotech Toys: Tactical Battle Pod (1985)

Robotech Battle Pod 1985-1

Robotech Battle Pod 1985-2

Robotech Battle Pod 1985-3

Robotech Battle Pod 1985-4

Matchbox’s Robotech Toys: Bioroid Hover Craft and Invid Scout Ship (1985)

Robotech Bioroid 1985

Robotech Bioroid 1985-2

Robotech Invid 1985

Robotech Invid 1985-2

Play Make Toys: Robotech SDF-1 Battle Fortress (1985)

Robotech SDF-1 1986

Robotech SDF-1 1986-2

It’s a giant, cardboard SDF-1! Assembly damn well required. The Evil King Macrocranios takes us through all the steps here.

Matchbox’s Robotech Toys: Armoured Cyclone, Spartan, and Excalibur MK VI (1985)

Robotech Cyclone

Robotech Cyclone-2

Robotech Spartan 1985

Robotech Spartan 1985-2

Robotech Excalibur 1985

Robotech Excalibur 1985-2

I’m not sure how sturdy the Matchbox toys were, because I never had any, but they sure do look good. The Robotech action figures are nice, too—fully articulated, like G.I. Joe. The line was not marketed or stocked well, and simply couldn’t compete with the Transformers.

For those who missed it, be sure to check out Matchbox’s hilarious women of Robotech commercials.

Robotech Stickers (1985)











Made in Argentina, where Robotech was and is very big.

(Via More than Tazos/eBay)

Robotech Coloring & Activity Book (1985)

Robotech CB 1985 FC

Robotech CB 1985 BC

Robotech CB 1985-1

Robotech CB 1985-2

Robotech CB 1985-3

Robotech CB 1985-4

Robotech CB 1985-5

Robotech CB 1985-6

Robotech CB 1985-7

Robotech CB 1985-8

Robotech CB 1985-9

Robotech CB 1985-10

I’ve seen two versions of the book, both from 1985. I just got the one above. I’ll scan in the rest of the pages if there’s enough interest. What’s with the “humid climate offensive squad” on page 10?

The version below is on eBay. At least some of the content is different based on the sample pages on display.

Robotech Coloring Book

Robotech Coloring Book-2

Robotech Coloring Book-3

Robotech Coloring Book-4

Robotech Fan Club Ad (1985)

Robotech Fan Club 1985

Is it too late to sign up?

The ad comes from zombikaze, who also gave us this 1986 convention program.

Robotech Press & Peel Picture Making (1985)

Robotech Press Peel 1985-3

Robotech Press Peel 1985-4

Robotech Press Peel 1985-5

Robotech Press Peel 1985

Robotech Press Peel 1985-2




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