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Fantasy Creatures Carrying Case (Baroco, 1984)

Fantasy 1984

Fantasy 1984-2

And we thought the art on this case was bad! Enlarge and have a good look.

(Images via eBay)

Fantasy Figure Collector’s Case (Tara Toys, 1983)

Fantasy Case 1983-1

Fantasy Case 1983-2

Fantasy Case 1983-3

Fantasy Case 1983-4

If you’re going to make a case that only holds 8 figures, then you better hire Ken Kelly or a decent imitator to do your package art, Tara Toys. Here, like this:

Galaxy Fighter Demon

(Collector’s case images via eBay)

Christmas Morning, 1983: The Saga of Crystar – Crystal Castle (Remco, 1983)

Christmas Crystar 1983

Crystar Castle 1983

(Images via Nerdgasms and Marvel Comics of the 1980s)

Fortress of the Wizard King, Castle of the Three Headed Dragon, and Demon Mountain Fantasy Action Playsets (Helm Toy, 1983)




Very cool looking (but not very sturdy, I’m guessing) sets that followed in the wake of DFC’s popular Dragonriders of the Styx set and its many copycats. The pics are courtesy of Shaun Christensen’s definitive Fantasy Toy Soldiers blog, where you can see a lot more, including close-ups of the better than expected minis.

Dungeons & Dragons gave the traditional playset format one last push—players could use the sets as role-playing aids—before its final demise.

Dragonriders of the Styx Toys: Demon Flyer, Serpent Rider, and Skull Sled (DFC, 1983)

Dragonriders Flyer 1983

Dragonriders Serpent 1983

Dragonriders Sled 1983

Dragonriders Serpent 1983-2

The most priceless “free wheeling” fantasy toy line of the ’80s, and I’m not talking about cash value. The action figures are here.

Breaking: 12″ Cthulhu from Warpo Seeks to Eat Universe Before Debut at 2015 Toy Fair

Cthulhu 12

You gorgeous monster! Ask and I shall obey.

(Background on Warpo’s Legends of Cthulhu line is here.)

Viking Warrior Kite (Spectra Star, 1982)

Kite Viking 1982

Kite Viking 1982-2

Kite Viking 1982-3

Kite Viking 1982-4

The actual figure on the kite is not as cool as the illustration on front (which is slightly Warduke-esque), but it’s clearly an attempt to cash in on D&D without going in for the license. This happened quite a bit starting in 1982.

(Images via eBay)

1984 Miner Industries Catalog: Dungeon Demons and Space Adventure Cosmic Action Playset

Miner Cat 1984

Miner Cat 1984-2

Miner Cat 1984-3

Miner Cat 1984-4

The Dungeon Demons, originally released as Pop-Top Horrors in the 1960s, were used in Miner’s Dragon Crest Medieval Fantasy Adventure Playset (circa 1983).

The Space Adventure set appeared in the 1980 Miner catalog (below) with the Star Base and Star Base Command Tower sets.

Miner Cat 1980

Miner Cat 1980-2-1


Dragons, Knights & Daggers: Battle Beast (Imperial, 1983)

Imperial Battle Beast

Imperial Battle Beast-2

Robots, Lasers & Galaxies was preceded by Dragons, Knights & Daggers. Hello, is that Castle Grayskull in the background? Poor thing is missing its eyes and nose. It was easy to go after both the D&D and MOTU fans, since MOTU was itself a D&D knockoff.

Wham-O Ad, 1982: `Fantasy Series’ Frisbees

Wham-O 1982

You can’t make them out really well in the ad, but the series included Pegasus, a dragon, and, for some reason, a butterfly. How about a wizard, guys?

Here’s a close-up of the dragon. The copyright date is 1981. There’s no such thing as a D&D flying disc (“Frisbee” is a Wham-O trademark), is there? Yes, there is.

Wham-O 1982-2

(Images via eBay and eBay)




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