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Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday Party, 1983



The birthday boy is Marshall Matlock. Wish I could see what’s in those presents.

Was there a room underneath the stage that had strobe lights you could turn off and on, or am I dreaming that?

Battlestar Galactica Deluxe Party Masks (General Mills, 1978)

BSG Party Masks 1978

BSG Party Masks 1978-2

General Mills put out quite a bit of BSG merchandise, including a mail-away cardboard Space Station Kit (for five proof of purchase seals). I’ll post that soonish.

Kid Scores Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game for Birthday, Circa 1981

D&D 1981

Mom, can I go over to Danielle’s house?

See the game stacked up in a 1980 toy store here.

(Photo via Brutal Chaos)

Birthday Party, Circa 1969

BP 1969

BP 1969-2

Read the note.

They’re playing a game called Battling Tops. I’ll do a separate post on that.

(Photo via Look-Around Lounge)

Birthday Party, 1979: ‘Pin the Tail on the Daggit’

Birthday Daggit 1979

I envy Devlin Thompson, who writes of his 11th birthday:

My father… made the game out of white and mustard-yellow poster board (do they even make that color anymore?), and did a bang-up job of it, if I do say so myself. There was also a cake with a Colonial Viper airbrushed on top, and I seem to remember loaning the baker one of the toys as a reference, though it may have just been a comic book or an issue of Starlog.

It was a hell of a thing when the Cylons attacked Caprica and Boxey’s daggit Muffie got killed. I guess all those people dying was sad too, but seeing Muffie’s little paw sticking out of the rubble was the worst.

It was pretty awesome when Boxey got a robot daggit for a replacement, though. I wish my cat made rad robotic daggit noises.

Birthday Party, 1980

Birthday Party, 1980

Is this a birthday party or a funeral? Cheer up, kids! For one thing, your clothes will never again be this awesome.

(Via FotoFraulein/eBay)




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