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Movie Theater Marquees: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Star Trek 1979

The Capri Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, December, 1979. Sleeping Beauty (1959) was re-released theatrically in 1970, 1979, 1986, and 1995.

(Image via Retro Charlotte)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock VHS Ad (1985)

Star Trek 1985

Remember, this was considered “price-cutting” at the time. The Empire Strikes Back was released on home video in 1984 and sold a record 400,000 copies at $79.98.

The ad is from Starlog #93 (April, 1985).

Bill Blake and Paula Crist Promoting Logan’s Run, 1976


That’s Paula Crist on the left. Crist toured as Zira in a Planet of the Apes show in the early ’70s and later became a stuntwoman, appearing in Battle of the Planet of the Apes and Logan’s Run, among others. She’s also closely associated with early Star Trek and sci-fi fandom, impressing Gene Roddenberry so much that he gave her a spot as a crew member in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The event above is a convention called the American Quincentennial Celebration held at Grossmont College in San Diego County. See more at Flickr.

UPDATE (9/22/15): The young man on the right is William “Bill” Blake, who played Cornelius in “Meet Zira & Cornelius,” the “promotional roadshow,” as he calls it, mentioned above. Blake is a makeup artist (mentored by John Chambers, who won an Oscar for his makeup work on the original Planet of the Apes film), actor, and special effects technician. More background on Blake and his career can be found here.

Crist and Blake are actually doing professional promotion for Logan’s Run and thus “cosplay” is not exactly an accurate description. The title of this post has been revised accordingly.

Star Trek Clubs, 1976

Star Trek 1976

Star trek Club 1978

Thank you, internet. Thank you so much.

The first photo is from Mira Loma High School in Sacramento, California, courtesy of Mira Loma Alumni and Friends. The guy on the bottom left is doing a pretty good Spock impersonation. The second photo is from Tumblr, and I couldn’t find any details when I traced it back to the source. It’s the same year or damn close. Note that the kid in the front row is holding a Tribble.

Star Wars, Star Trek and the 21st Century Christians by Winkie Pratney (Bible Voice, 1978)



A very strange but fascinating attempt to force the Evangelical Christian worldview into the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. The self-published book by “mavin” Pratney is written in free verse and dedicated to George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, and Jesus. From Chapter 1:


You were made to live forever.
Our hunger to go beyond the stars is not alien.
It is normal. You were born to rule the Universe.
Our desire to plant a border beyond the edge of the Universe is but a dim, diluted echo of our true created destiny.

Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel
because all the world seems filled with its small aspiring Darth Vaders –
Don’t line up behind the Dark Lord.Our awareness that our lives ought to be involved in a great battle
which somehow involves the whole future of Mankind is far, far more than fairy tale.
Our dreams,
Our hopes
Our expectations are not big enough.
It is time we gave up our small ambitions and discovered our real destiny […]

The odds seem overwhelming –
Many strong and great men gone forever.
No sign of any of the Jedi Knights around Against us, near invincible technological might
Its ally, supernatural power twisted to evil and destructive ends.

One by one, the strong men in high places giving up the battle,
One by one, the few and the brave hunted down and killed.

And now, the Final Showdown.

You can read the whole thing on the author’s site.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture `Ilia’ Iron-On Transfer (1979)

Ilia 1979

If you had it and wore it, I’m impressed. Almost as cool as this Tron Yori shirt.

(Image via eBay)

Star Trek Tricorder (Mego, 1976)






More great box scans from Mikey Walters, who talks about getting the Tricorder for Christmas here.

See good pics of the toy itself at A Piece of the Action.

Halloween, Circa 1977: Mr. Spock

Halloween Spock 1979

This is the Ben Cooper version released in 1976, as seen below. A new version was released in 1979 with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Is that supposed to be Jeannie on the right?

Halloween Spock 1976-1977

The first Ben Cooper Spock costume was released in 1973 (first two photos below). The first Spock costume was produced by Collegeville in 1967 (third photo below).

Ben Cooper Spock 1973

Ben Cooper Spock 1973-2

Spock 1967

(Images via Allison Marchant/Flickr, Star Trek: Vulcanology, eBay, and Jeff Andrews/Pinterest)

Homemade Starship Enterprise Bridge, 1977






Chew on this, Minecraft. It looks like they’ve repurposed a room in the house, possibly the basement.

The photos are from Nick DeWolf’s Flickr. DeWolf (1928 – 2006) co-founded Teradyne, an automatic test equipment manufacturer, in 1960. He was also an engineer, an inventor, and a hell of a photographer.

Star Trek II Klingon Warship (Corgi, 1982)

Star Trek Corgi 1982

Star Trek Corgi 1982-2




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