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Abe Gurvin Album Covers, 1967 – 1977

Zodiac 1967

Federal Duck 1968

Jimmy Smith 1969

Nuggets 1972

Nuggets 1972-2

Atomic Rooster 1972

Rance Allen 1977

More here.

Gandalf’s Garden, Circa 1969 – 1972


Gandalf Circa 1969-3

Gandalf's Garden Circa 1969

Gandalf Circa 1969-4

Gandalf Circa 1969-5

Gandalf Circa 1969-6

Gandalf Circa 1969-7

Gandalf Circa 1969-8

Gandalf Circa 1969-9

Gandalf Circa 1969-10

Gandalf’s Garden was a shop and mystical community in Chelsea, London, that was active between 1969 and 1972. Founded by Muz Murray (a.k.a. Ramana Baba), now a “world renowned Mystic and Mantra Yoga Master,” the community downplayed psychedelics, instead embracing meditation, yoga, and various Eastern religious practices. A magazine of the same name was produced by Murray, Jaya Amler, and friends, running to six issues. Here’s a section of the introductory manifesto from the first issue:

Gandalf the White Wizard from the trilogy of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is fast becoming absorbed in the youthful world spirit as the mythological hero of the age, as graven an image on the eternal psyche as Merlin of the Arthurian legends. In the land of Middle Earth under threat of engulfment by the dark powers, Gandalf unites the differing races, mistrustful of each other through lack of understanding and communication, in a final effort to save the world. The crusader spirit in Gandalf is echoed in the cry of the Now Generation seeking an Alternative to the destructive forces of today’s world, by spreading human love and aid, for the unity of all the peoples of the Earth.

GANDALF’S GARDEN grows in that same spirit. For GANDALF’S GARDEN is the magical garden of our inner worlds, overgrowing into the world of manifestation. GANDALF’S GARDEN is soulflow from the pens of creators – mystics, writers, artists, diggers, delvers and poets. A wellspring of love and anguish that those with searching thirsts may drink thereof. As in the Stone Gardens of the Orient, where Soul Wizards sit within the stimulus of their own silences, contemplating the smoothness of the million pebbles, so should we seek to stimulate our own inner gardens if we are to save our Earth and ourselves from engulfment.

You can read more about Gandalf’s Garden, and thumb through the magazines, at the tribute site maintained by two original “gardeners,” Rosemary and Darroll Pardoe. All of the photos except the first one were taken by Colin Bord.

And there’s a short video “capturing a gathering of ‘heads’ outside Gandalf’s Garden” here. The video was shot on July 5, 1969, the day the Rolling Stones played the free show in Hyde Park.

(Images via Pardoes, Pinterest, and The Library Time Machine)

Middle Earth Clothing Ad, Circa 1967

Middle Earth Clothing Ad 1967

Middle Earth Clothing Ad 1967-2

The artist is Terre, who is closely associated with Haight Ashbury’s Straight Theater, which is identified on the middle left of the map. The exotic fruit hanging from the various branches, as well as the mountains at the bottom of the ad, are direct allusions to Barbara Remington’s cover art for the first authorized paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings.

According to SFist, in 2013 the awning of a beauty salon was removed in North Beach, San Francisco, revealing a beautiful, hand-painted sign (below) of what was once a second Middle Earth Clothing location.

See also A Change of Hobbit Bookstore.

Middle Earth Clothing 1317 Grant 1968

(Images via eBay and SFist)

Maskarade: Zany Faces to Punch Out and Put On (James & Jonathan, 1969)







Found on eBay. These are all the masks included in the book. I posted some cool “punch out” Star Wars masks last year.

In League with the Future (Cuna Mutual Insurance Society, Circa 1969)






League Future






League Future-2




Absolutely bonkers slides from a credit union, presumably about the shift from a prehistoric, cash-based reality to an ominously bleak technopia in which all programs are forced to carry an identity card and take orders from The Beatles before facing judgement on the moon, whereupon each program’s soul is extracted and inserted into “the common bond” to provide “total service” to the newly created automaton army. Queue the screaming.

These are just a few of my favorite slides, so check out the entire series at Garage Sale Finds. There is no accompanying audio script, says Tom, which leaves someone with a very fun project.

There is a related series of slides here.

Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas (1960) (Part Two)

BH&G 1960-10

BH&G 1960-11

BH&G 1960-12

BH&G 1960-13

BH&G 1960-14

BH&G 1960-15

BH&G 1960-16

BH&G 1960-17

BH&G 1960-18

Part one is way back here. The castle in the first photo is Marx’s Robin Hood Castle Set from the late ’50s.

The beautifully trim world represented in these images never existed, but isn’t it comforting to imagine it did?

The Kunstoffhaus FG 2000 by Wolfgang Feierbach, Circa 1969

Kunstoffhaus FG 2000

You know you’re living in the space age when there’s carpet on the ceiling and your house is made of fiberglass. I’ll take it.

See floor plans and more interior shots at Voices of East Anglia.

‘Poster Explosion’ Ad, 1971

Posters 1971

Posters 1971-2

My favorites:

  1. The Frank Zappa poster (he was an outspoken atheist)
  2. The young lady who’s demonstrating the scale of the trippy “wall n’ ceiling” poster
  3. The headbands
  4. The hefty price of the black light fixtures ($17.95 is about $105 in today’s money)

The ad is from a 1971 Co-Ed magazine via Phoney Fresh.

Cheshire Cat Bank (Dan-Dee, 1969)

Cheshire Cat 1969

Cheshire Cat 1969-2

Works for acid tab storage too.

Peter Max Ads (1968 – 1973)

Max 1968

Max 1970

Max 1971

Max 1973




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