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Starcruiser UFO Ad (Cox, 1979)

Cox UFO 1979

They’re waving because that damn thing’s never coming back. See the actual product here.

Model Kits: Alien Invader (Revell, 1979)

Alien Invader 1979

Alien Invader 1979-3

Alien Invader 1979-2

Alien Invader 1979-4

Backstory is in the third photo. The Alien Invader is feared for its “villainous crew of hideous mutants, hostile aliens, and outcast earthlings who stop at nothing to get what they want.” Mos Eisley with rocket engines and red lightning decals, in other words.

1979 Centuri Flying Model Rocket Catalog

Centuri 1979

Centuri 1979-1

Centuri 1979-2

Centuri 1979-3

Centuri 1979-4

Read the whole catalog here. I was not smart enough to be on any sort of “Aerospace Team,” and that’s probably for the best. It would have ended in tragedy.

Buck Rogers Invader (Cox, 1980)

Buck Rogers Invader 1980

Buck Rogers Invader 1980-2

Remember when UFO “Invaders” attacked the Earth in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? I don’t either. The snake insignia did appear on some of the Draconian uniforms, though.

Star Cruiser UFO (Cox, 1978)

Star Cruiser 1978

Star Cruiser 1978-2

Star Cruiser 1978-3

I talked about the Star Cruiser UFO many moons ago. It was one of those Christmas catalog items that was always out of reach. The problem was not getting it to fly, apparently. The problem was getting it to land.

The box design is lovely and reminds me of all the rocketry catalogs and packages of the era.

Magic Moon Rocks: An Outer Space Garden (Hasbro, 1959)

Moon Rocks-1

Moon Rocks-2

Moon Rocks-3

Christmas Morning, 1962: Marx’s Operation Moon Base

Christmas Moon Base 1962

Christmas Moon Base 1962-3

Christmas Moon Base 1962-2

Found photos of a very influential Marx set I talked about in a different Christmas morning shot. There were space exploration-themed playsets before Operation Moon Base, but this is the one that stuck. Molds from Moon Base would be re-used in different Marx sets (including 1979’s Galaxy Command) for nearly 20 years.

The playset format perfected by Marx dominated until Kenner met Star Wars.

1984 Miner Industries Catalog: Dungeon Demons and Space Adventure Cosmic Action Playset

Miner Cat 1984

Miner Cat 1984-2

Miner Cat 1984-3

Miner Cat 1984-4

The Dungeon Demons, originally released as Pop-Top Horrors in the 1960s, were used in Miner’s Dragon Crest Medieval Fantasy Adventure Playset (circa 1983).

The Space Adventure set appeared in the 1980 Miner catalog (below) with the Star Base and Star Base Command Tower sets.

Miner Cat 1980

Miner Cat 1980-2-1


Robots, Lasers & Galaxies: Mammoth Marauder (Imperial, 1984)

imperial toy mammoth

imperial toy mammoth-2

imperial toy mammoth-3

I talked about the robots of Robots, Lasers & Galaxies way back here. The Mammoth Marauder is neither a laser nor a galaxy, but I don’t think Imperial cared for such details. Four out of five stars for the box art.

Inflatable V Bop Bag (Arco, 1984)

V Bop 1984

V Bop 1984-2

V Bop 1984-3

You can have the derivative, bloated TV miniseries and its crappy sequel. I’ll take this slice of kitsch gold and call it a day.

(Images via Toy Helper/eBay)




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