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Conan of the Fianna by Jim Fitzpatrick (Fantasy Crossroads, 1977)

Conan Fitzpatrick 1977

Another beauty from another immensely gifted illustrator, Jim Fitzpatrick. You can see details of this issue of Fantasy Crossroads here.

(Image via Cap’n’s Comics)

A Conan Event: 1984 Conan Calendar Illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz

Conan 1984 Calendar

Conan 1984 Calendar-2

Conan 1984 Calendar-3

Beautiful work posted in its entirety at The Golden Age. I talk about my admiration of Sienkiewicz here.

Conan Action Figures (Remco, 1984) (Part One)

Conan Warrior 1983

Conan Thoth 1983-3

Conan Thoth 1983-4

Conan deserved better. Nice logo, though.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Metal Miniatures: Conan Set #1 (TSR, 1984)

AD&D Minis 1984-1

AD&D Minis 1984-2

TSR released two Conan modules in 1984 (Conan Unchained! and Conan Against Darkness!) to coincide with the release of Conan the Destroyer. In 1985 TSR released, for obscure reasons, the Conan Role-Playing Game, with game mechanics based on the Marvel Super Heroes RPG. Chris Kutalik reviews the Conan RPG at Hill Cantons.

You can see some close-ups of the minis here and here.

‘Olympians’ Bodybuilding Supplements Ad Featuring Conan, 1982

Olympians 1982

Conan especially likes his protein powder when it’s chocolate-flavored and served in fancy crystal—with a strawberry on the rim.

(Image via Catch the Sparrow/Flickr)

Kid Posing with Conan, Circa 1985

Conan 1984

Says Deborah on Bookbox (the Scholastic Reading Club blog):

My mom made me pose with the guy who played Conan the Barbarian on our trip to Universal Studios back when I was nine; she said my friends would be “jealous” that I got to be in a picture with such a “hunky monkey.” But all I could think about was how I wish he was wearing a longer loincloth.

Also check out an entry from our hero’s (I’m talking about the girl, not Conan) 7th grade diary:

Dear Diary,

Things I want to do when I’m in high school:

  1. Have a boy pick me up from school one day, in a car.
  2. Have a boy drive me around in his car.
  3. Go to an all-boys school during the middle of the day.
  4. Meet a boy for lunch.
  5. Go out on a school night.



Doesn’t Conan bear a pretty good resemblance to Arnold?

The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular (1983 – 1994)

Conan Ad 1983-2

Conan Ad 1983

The Universal Studios attraction was a “$3.75 million production featuring state-of-the-art, never-before-seen laser and pyrotechnic special effects, combined with the skills of actors, magical illusions and computer-coordinated animated characters.” I never got to see it, sadly. I went to Universal Studios once or twice, before 1983, and remember only the Jaws and Battlestar Galactica rides.

The fire-breathing dragon sequence in the Conan Spectacular was inspired by the climactic scene in Sleeping Beauty (1959). I’d forgotten how scary the original Disney classics could be. Not only is the battle convincing and way ahead of its time conceptually, it’s one of the earliest screen examples of the sword and sorcery trope.

TV promo is below. Check out a short documentary (1988) and the full show (circa 1990) at

(Images via and




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