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Buck Rogers Night Light (General Electric, 1980)

Buck Light 1980

Buck Light 1980-2

(Via eBay)

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Lunchbox (Aladdin, 1979)

Buck LB 1979-1

Buck LB 1979-2

Buck LB 1979-3

Buck LB 1979-4

Buck LB 1979-5

Hollywood and Vine, Circa 1979

Hollywood Vine Circa 1979

The photo is one of many taken by Matt Sweeney between 1979 and 1983. Says Sweeney at The Atlantic:

I went to Hollywood to ‘make it’, but didn’t, and ended up taking pictures of Hollywood, capturing scenes of others ‘not making it’ as well. It didn’t escape me then and it doesn’t now.

That Universal Studios billboard brings back some memories. There was never a Buck Rogers attraction, but you could tour the set and sit in the cockpit of a Starfighter.

Buck Rogers Invader (Cox, 1980)

Buck Rogers Invader 1980

Buck Rogers Invader 1980-2

Remember when UFO “Invaders” attacked the Earth in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? I don’t either. The snake insignia did appear on some of the Draconian uniforms, though.

Christmas Morning, 1979: Star Wars, Micronauts, Buck Rogers, and The Black Hole

Christmas 1978-3

Membros and Repto! There’s also a torn open The Black Hole action figure above the Micronauts. Maximillian is standing on Monopoly.

(Photo via the Rebelscum Forums)

Buck Rogers Lazer Light Pistol (Fleetwood, 1979)

Buck Gun 1979

Buck Gun 1979-2

It’s no The Last Starfighter Super Electronic Gun, although it does come with an “interplanetary code”—for some reason.

Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers Sunglasses (Larami, 1978-1979)

BSG 1978

Buck Sunglasses 1979

If you think cyborgs don’t need protection against harmful UV rays, you are an insensitive ass and may be guilty of speciesism.

(Images via eBay and eBay)

1979 Sears Christmas Catalog: Micronauts and Buck Rogers Toys

First of all, the Rocket Tubes. Remember when our parents went to the bank and put their deposits in those plastic cylinder things, which were then deposited into a mailbox-looking thing and sucked (literally) through a pneumatic system into the bank? Well, that’s what these rocket tubes do. The commercial I found (via FuzzyMemoriesTV) is gnarly, but apparently it’s for an earlier version without the launching spaceships.

I love all the Micronauts stuff. It was a quirky, imaginative line. I remember having only one or two of the diecast metal figures, really heavy—they’re not here, but you can peruse them at BugEyedMonster.

I said in another post that I didn’t remember the Buck Rogers toys, but I instantly recognized the Star Fortress. It was made of incredibly flimsy cardboard, and the buildings folded and stuck clumsily into the base with tabs.

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