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Christmas Morning, 1978: Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Adventure People

Christmas 1978-2

Another shot starring the Death Star and the Daredevil Sports Van, not to mention all the major Battlestar Galactica vehicles, via Darrick Bachman. I also see a Tie Fighter, a die-cast X-Wing Fighter package, a Spider-Man Mobile Crime Lab (below, via Jon Knutson), and a Nylint Trail Blazer (below, via eBay).

Spidey Crime Lab 1978

Nylint Trailblazer

Nylint Trailblazer-2

Christmas Morning, 1978: Star Wars and Adventure People

Christmas 1978

The kid fondling the Death Star, as his brothers look on a little enviously, is Stephen Fry. That’s Kenner’s Stretch Octopus in the pink and orange box, and you can also see the Adventure People Daredevil Sports Van, first released in 1978. Fisher-Price’s Adventure People may be the greatest action figure line of all time. There, I said it.

Christmas Morning, 1980: Star Wars, Star Snoopy, and Mr. Mouth

Chrismas 1980

That’s Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer Playset under the Land of the Jawas Playset. Among the figures you can see the Hoth Stormtrooper, my third favorite ESB figure after the AT-AT Driver and Hoth Han. Hoth Luke is also there.

Two items I’d forgotten about are Star Snoopy Colorforms (1979) and Tomy’s Mr. Mouth (1976).

SS 1979

SS 1979-2

SS 1979-3

Mr. Mouth 1976

There were a couple of different versions of Mr. Mouth, one featuring a green frog as the centerpiece, the other featuring a dopey yellow guy. The dopey yellow guy is the one I remember, but I could only find a commercial for the frog version. The yellow figure was later repurposed as a Pac-Man bank, seen below via the 1982 Tomy catalog. I got Pocket Pac-Man as a stocking stuffer in ’81 or ’82, but I never did get Mr. Mouth.

I also had the Fisher-Price Play Family Fun Jet, seen at the far left of the original photo.

Tomy 1982-4

(Christmas morning photo via the Rebel Scum forums)

Fisher Price Adventure People Ads (1976, 1977)

FP AP 1976

FP AP 1977

I used to put my Star Wars and G.I. Joe prisoners in that safari cage! What a great line, and we’re talking top three of all time: totally original, beautifully designed and accessorized, durable as hell, and they’re just regular people doing exciting (to kids in the ’70s) things.

(Images via the Adventure People Flickr Group)

Fisher-Price Alpha Probe Ad (1980)

FP AP 1980

Fisher-Price Adventure Kit: Alpha Interceptor (1982)

FP AK 1982

FP AK 1982-2

Gorgeous. And I like how Fisher-Price gets us to assemble our own toy—very Tom Sawyer. There were four Adventure Kits, three of which are seen on the back of the box. The fourth was the 4×4 Trail Boss. All of them are part of the superior Adventure People line.

(Images via The Shiplomats/eBay)

Play Family Sesame Street (Fisher-Price, 1975)












In the running for greatest playset of all time. What’s Mattel’s Castle Grayskull but a variation on the same overall design?

(Images via Toy Nerd and eBay)

Christmas Toy Aisle Zen: Fisher-Price Gas & Go Service Center

Toy Aisle 1983

Target, December 20, 1983. (Lyn Alweis/Denver Post)

Fisher Price Gas & Go Ad

(Image sources: Big Ole Photos and Frankensmith’s Castle)




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