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Grocery Shopping in the ’70s: What the Fuck is Tofu?

Schnucks 1980

Schnucks 1980-2

Grocery Store 1981

Above all else, the paper bags in their built-to-fit paper bag compartments!

There’s a Wildlife Encyclopedia display (knowledge at your fingertips, only 49¢/month) behind the lady who’s, wait for it, writing a check. (My mom used to get so pissed at the idiots who wouldn’t take out their checkbooks until they got to the front of the line.)

And don’t forget to grab some sunglasses on your way back from the Cosmetics department—they’re 15% off.

(Photos via Gregg Koenig/Flickr)

Grocery Shopping in the ’70s: What the Fuck is Tofu?

Red carpet is not something you see anymore, and that’s a shame. It really ties the room together.

It was so prominent in the ’70s because there were more vampires back then, and, as we know, red carpet hides blood.

Think about that for a minute.

(Pic via Jeremy Jae/Flickr)

Grocery Shopping in the ’70s: What the Fuck is Tofu?

Per Andrew Filer on Flickr: “Interior of Northland Foods, Thief River Falls, MN. From the scrapbook, `L.B. Hartz, This is Your Life’ and the collection of Pennington County Historical Society.”

Is Thief River Falls an awesome name for a town or what?

grocery store 70s

Please notice the Cigarette Center on the left. (Click image to enlarge.)

grocery store 70s-2

Now that’s a scale! We bought Ding Dongs by the pound.

grocery store 70s-3

I don’t think I ate a piece of fruit until I was 26.

grocery store 70s-4

This place I remember. Is it organic? Go fuck yourself!

(Images via afiler/Flickr)




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