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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Metal Miniatures: Monster Tribes (TSR, 1984)

Monster 1984

Monster 1984-2

Close-ups here. Box art looks like Easley again. I think he did cover art for the whole 1983-1984 series, and one of his module covers was used for the the Dragonlance miniatures.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Metal Miniatures: Monks, Bards, & Thieves (TSR, 1983)

AD&D Minis-4

AD&D Minis-5

Close-ups here. The cover artist is uncredited. Looks like Jeff Easley to me.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Metal Miniatures: Conan Set #1 (TSR, 1984)

AD&D Minis 1984-1

AD&D Minis 1984-2

TSR released two Conan modules in 1984 (Conan Unchained! and Conan Against Darkness!) to coincide with the release of Conan the Destroyer. In 1985 TSR released, for obscure reasons, the Conan Role-Playing Game, with game mechanics based on the Marvel Super Heroes RPG. Chris Kutalik reviews the Conan RPG at Hill Cantons.

You can see some close-ups of the minis here and here.

TSR/RPGA Miniatures Carrying Case, 1980




For serious nerds only! I’m not sure if it was a product for sale/giveaway or a DIY number. The way the foam is cut makes me suspect the former, but the logo is stamped on a piece of cardboard, so who knows? TSR founded the RPGA in 1980 to organize and run tournaments at conventions. If anyone has seen one of these before, let me know.

Item sold on eBay a while ago for about 15 bucks.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance Miniatures (Set 1) (TSR, 1984)



I first talked about Dragonlance way back here. I was obsessed with the books when they came out, although I reread Dragons of Autumn Twilight a couple of years ago and it didn’t really hold up. Not all that surprising.

I never got into the minis. I always found them interesting and would have liked to try my hand at painting a few, but they were too expensive. Making the sculpts is certainly an art form. The art on the box cover is by Jeff Easley from the Dragons of Flame module (1984).

Somebody give Toede a flame-throwing guitar!




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