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Christmas Commercials, 1978: Ronco’s Record Vacuum and Mr. Microphone

I got you some commercials for Christmas. Unwrap and enjoy.

(Ronco is still around.)

The Sony 500U Personal Television (1968)

Sony 1968

Sony 1968-2

“But it’s the earplug that makes being alone and together, at the same time, possible…” It’s a very hollow definition of “together” that becomes hollower as the gadgets proliferate.

You see, the “smart” phone was inevitable.


Kid Gets First Boombox, Circa 1982

Boombox 1981

We called them ghetto blasters in 4th grade, which is probably when I got mine. We would all strut around blasting Devo’s Oh, No! It’s Devo. Because we were so urban.

Kid’s wearing a classic Izod design. And my God, the couch.

(Image via new2vulcan/eBay)




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