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Frank Frazetta Cover Art for Monster Mania #2 (January, 1967)

MM 1967-1

MM 1967-2

(Via Cap’n’s Comics)

Marx Toys: Giant Prehistoric Mountain Play Set

These cavemen don’t stand a chance.

Louis Marx Play Sets: Dinosaurs, Romans, Spacemen, Lend Me Your Ears

I hadn’t heard of Louis Marx and Company, apparently “the largest toy manufacturer in the world by the 1950s,” until I started looking for pics of the army men I had growing up. Marx produced these amazing sets well into the ’70s, and below is just a small sampling of what I never got to play with. I remember seeing other kids with the stuff, though. How depressing.

No, I’m not going to get all crazy and try to procure one now (the Ben-Hur set below sold for $853 on eBay in 2008). I have my dignity. Well, as much dignity as a grown man who looks for pictures of army men while singing along to ’80s New Wave can have.

You can check out some of the Marx catalogs over at Plaid Stallions.

Marx Prehistoric Times

Marx Prehistoric Times-2

Marx Prehistoric Times-4

Marx Prehistoric Times-3

Marx Ben Hur

Marx Ben Hur-2

Marx Ben Hur-3

Marx Corbett

Marx Corbett-2

Marx Moonbase

Marx Moonbase ad

(Images via Dinosaur Toy Forum, John Kenneth Muir, Marx LanePlayset AddictToy Soldier Forum, Timewarp ToysMarx Playsets, and CollectToys)




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