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Collegeville Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Zarak Costume (1982)




“Hey, Mom, can I be an evil half-orc assassin for Halloween?”

“Sure, honey. Just don’t eat too much candy!”

Actually, I don’t think my parents ever shelled out for a “name brand” costume. My mom would make them herself from supplies she got at the thrift and craft stores.

Collegeville Jaws and Jaws 2 Costumes (1975/1978)

Jaws Costume-1

Jaws Costume-2

There were at least two Jaws costumes released by Collegeville, as seen above via Babble and Plaid Stallions. There were also minor variations on each design such as different colored pants, etc. The Jaws 2 costume is below. The mask is the same.

Jaws 2 Costume-2

Jaws 2 Costume

Jaws 2 Costume-3

Halloween, Circa 1985: GoBots

GoBots 1985-1

GoBots 1985-2

GoBots 1985-3

Cop-Turd, to be exact. Nobody’s first choice, since Collegeville also made Transformers costumes.

The “flame retarded” joke is old, and yet still kind of funny.

(Images via USA Today and eBay)

1987 Collegeville Catalog: Photon, Bravestarr, The Transformers, and More




Select pages only. See the whole catalog at Monster Masks.

Photon, believe it or  not, was a short-lived live-action TV show based loosely on the game. It looks totally kooky and I wish I could get a hold of it. Lazer Tag spawned Lazer Tag Academy, an animated series that ran for one season, and also an animated movie.

Collegeville Cylon Costume (1978)

Halloween Cylon 1978-1

Halloween Cylon 1978-3

Cylon 1978

Halloween Cylon 1978-4

Cylon 1978-2

Halloween Cylon 1978-2

Halloween Cylon 1978-5

Halloween Cylon 1978-6

Check out the 1979 Collegeville Catalog (BSG, The Lord of the Rings, KISS) at Plaid Stallions.

(Photos via eBay)




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