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Halloween, 1977: DIY Jawa and Stormtrooper

Halloween 1977

Says the poster, via the Rebelscum Forums:

Homemade costumes, put together by my mom. I’m the relatively tall jawa, my lil brother was the relatively short stormtrooper. The stormtrooper costume was basically made up of a plastic mixing bowl (top of helmet) and white garbage bags.

There’s a Chewbacca costume made out of garbage bags here.

Hot Dog Magazine, 1985: ‘Have a Rockin’ Halloween!’

Hot Dog-1

Hot Dog-2

Hot Dog-3

I’m not sure the Hot Dog editors understood the punk ethos (bright blue eyeshadow and silver glitter?) all that well, nor does Genevieve look anything like Cyndi Lauper, but the innocent failure sure makes a fun article.

(Images via AnnainCA/Flickr)

Halloween, 1977: DIY Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars 1977

Star Wars 1977-2

Halloween 1977-3

A group of University of Washington college students made their own Star Wars costumes for a Halloween party in 1977 and staged a skit at the party. Andrew Siguenza was R2-D2, and the highlight of your day is his Flickr album of the party and costume prep.

Every time I think I’m too tired to go on with the blog, I find something like this.

Woolworth’s Halloween Ads, 1965 – 1969

Woolworths Sunday Comics 1965

Woolworths Sunday Comics 1968

Woolworths Sunday Comics 1969

Beautifully illustrated ads that originally appeared in the comics section of the Sunday paper. They sold recently on eBay for a large sum.

50 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum for 79¢? A Spider-Man costume for $1.98? Speaking of which, the Ben Cooper Spider-Man costume is probably the first Marvel licensed product, originally appearing in 1963, just a few issues into the comic’s run. It’s got a very interesting story that you can read at Hero Envy.

Halloween, 1984: He-Man and Skeletor

Halloween 1984-1

That’s a box of raisins in Skeletor’s bag. God, I hated getting raisins for Halloween. You can see the He-Man costume (Ben Cooper) better below. That’s Tenderheart Bear next to the big guy.


(Images via thepeachmartini and Shane Woodall)

Ben Cooper Darkseid Costume (1984)






Darkseid? Darkseid. It appears that DC/Ben Cooper were banking on the success of Super Friends: The Legend of the Super Powers Show, which debuted in September 1984 and was the first animated series to feature the super villain. The Kirby creation had been around in the comics since 1970.

Collegeville Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Zarak Costume (1982)




“Hey, Mom, can I be an evil half-orc assassin for Halloween?”

“Sure, honey. Just don’t eat too much candy!”

Actually, I don’t think my parents ever shelled out for a “name brand” costume. My mom would make them herself from supplies she got at the thrift and craft stores.

Collegeville Jaws and Jaws 2 Costumes (1975/1978)

Jaws Costume-1

Jaws Costume-2

There were at least two Jaws costumes released by Collegeville, as seen above via Babble and Plaid Stallions. There were also minor variations on each design such as different colored pants, etc. The Jaws 2 costume is below. The mask is the same.

Jaws 2 Costume-2

Jaws 2 Costume

Jaws 2 Costume-3

Ben Cooper Close Encounters of the Third Kind ‘The Alien’ Costume (1978)

Ben Cooper Close Encounters

Ben Cooper Close Encounters-2

Ben Cooper Close Encounters-3

Ben Cooper Close Encounters-4

Ben Cooper Close Encounters-5

Ben Cooper Close Encounters-6

A kinder, gentler-yet-creepier alien.

(Images via eBay)

Halloween, 1979: Alien



Elementary school kid is wearing the Ben Cooper Alien costume! As in the Xenomorph from the movie Alien that was rated `X’ in the UK and yet spawned a massive amount of merchandise marketed to small children, a campaign I talk about here and here. File under: when Halloween wasn’t banned because “costumes and parading increases apprehension in an increasing number of students who are presently experiencing anxiety issues.”

(Photos via the Miami Herald)




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