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Disco/Anti-Disco Iron-On Transfers, Circa 1979





Disco was so contentious, in fact, that it led to a near riot in 1979.

The second transfer was illustrated by Mort Drucker.

UPDATE: Rick Shithouse sent me two more (below), and they are impressive.

Rock Rules

Disco is Dead

(Images via eBay)

Ken Kelly Iron-On Transfer (Roach Studios, 1976)

Ken Kelly 1976

Ken Kelly 1976-2

The piece is from Kelly’s Eerie Visions portfolio and Eerie #80 (cover), both from 1977.

(Images via eBay)

Roach Studios Ad, Circa 1978

Roach Ad 1970s

Pencil me in!

(Image via RoAcH)

Roach Studios Iron-On Transfers (Circa 1975 – 1981)

Roach Circa 1980

Roach 1979

Roach 1979-2

Roach 1976

Roach 1975

(Images via eBay)

Signs of the Zodiac Iron-On Transfers (Roach Studios, 1978)

Roach Astrology Aquarius

Roach Astrology Cancer

Roach Astrology Leo

Roach Astrology Sag

Roach Astrology Taurus

These are all I’ve been able to find. It should be enough to give every t-shirt in your closet an inferiority complex.

Universal Monsters Iron-On Transfers (Roach Studios, 1980)

Creature Transfer 1970s

Creature Transfer 1970s-2

Roach Wolfman 80s

Frank Transfer 1980

Frank Transfer 1980-2

Mummy Transfer 1980

There are more, thankfully, and I’ll do a follow-up post when I have better images. The transfers were probably meant to coincide with the 1980 release of Remco’s massive Universal Monster toy line.

Lots more iron-ons and Roach Studios here.

The Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt Transfers (1980) (Part Three)

SW Transfer 1980-4

SW Transfer 1980-3

SW Transfer 1980-6

SW Transfer 1980-7

SW Transfer 1980-5

SW Transfer 1980-1

SW Transfer 1980-2

I mistakenly dated two of these designs (Darth and the Falcon) as 1977 in a previous post. I still like Lando the best. More Empire transfers here.

Star Wars T-Shirt Transfers, 1977

SW Transfer 1977-5

SW Transfer 1977-3

SW T-Shirt 1980

SW T-Shirt 1977-3

SW Transfer 1977-8

SW Transfer 1977-6

Lots of Empire Strikes Back transfers here and here.

(Images via eBay)

Roach Studios Iron-On Transfers (1973 – 1980)

Roach 73

Roach 74

Roach 75

Roach 75-2

Roach 78

Roach 78-2

Roach 1980

Roach 1980-2

A different version of the “Patience My Ass” print is seen in these college dorm photos from 1972.

More Roach Studios here.

(Images via eBay)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture `Ilia’ Iron-On Transfer (1979)

Ilia 1979

If you had it and wore it, I’m impressed. Almost as cool as this Tron Yori shirt.

(Image via eBay)




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