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The Lord of the Rings Action Figures Ads, 1979


Great ad dug up by Phil Reed at BattleGrip. New Jersey’s Heroes World was a king of mail-order marketing in the 1970s, and their catalogs, now collector’s items, featured art by the nearby Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

I found another Heroes World ad below, courtesy of Tom Heroes. These are the only two I’ve seen. As I said in my original post about the ill-fated Knickerbocker line, it had almost no advertising push in a very crowded action figure market. The figures themselves appear to be pretty high quality, however.


TV Guide Ads for TV Movies: Satan’s Triangle (1975)

ST 1975

Every genre movie of the ’70s starring Doug McClure (The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot) is a classic, including this one. If you don’t believe me, read Kindertrauma’s glowing review. Unkle Lancifer calls it “the main inspiration and catalyst for this site (and perhaps my love of horror)!” As of now, you can watch it here.

Satan’s Triangle is the first movie based on and explicitly referencing the Bermuda Triangle, following Charles Berlitz’s lurid 1974 bestseller on the subject. Another TV movie, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle, starring Fred MacMurray and Donna Mills, would follow later that year.

The Bermuda Depths (1978) is another popular TV movie on the same theme (thanks for the reminder, Christopher S.).

(Image via eBay)

Ocean Pacific Sunwear Ad, Circa 1978

OP 1978

(Via CalStreets)

Heavy Metal T-Shirts Ad, 1977

Heavy Metal Ad 1977

From the first issue of the magazine, which you can read at the Internet Archive. The ad was designed by a young Tom Canty, who has since won multiple World Fantasy Awards for Best Artist.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Metal Miniatures Ads (1983)

AD&D 1983-1

AD&D 1983-2

From Dragon #74. If there’s one thing that can make your gaming session a real hoot, it’s a life-sized owlbear. Just don’t invite Tom Hanks.

Peter Max Ads (1968 – 1973)

Max 1968

Max 1970

Max 1971

Max 1973

Chilton Toys Ad, 1977

Chilton 1977

I can’t name a Chilton toy off the top of my head, but the illustration is beautiful, and so is the text arcing over it.

The Real Ghostbusters Shelf Talker (1989)

Real Ghostbusters-1

Real Ghostbusters-2

Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters was after my time, but damn, this is how you get a kid’s attention.

(Images via eBay)

Revell `Insta-Win Video Game’ Trade Ad, 1982

Revell Atari 1982

Look at that model kit: it’s a Volkswagen Vanagon! I went all the way to Yosemite in one of those bastards with nothing but Mattel’s Baseball and a few comic books to keep me company.

The ad is from Toy & Hobby World magazine, August, 1982. The text on the lower right of the kit says “Insta-Win Video Game Inside”.

Discs of Tron Environmental Cabinet Tour

Just found this brilliant, super comprehensive tour by supertechnoboy of the Atomic Buffalo Arcade and had to share. Can you guess how many light bulbs this thing uses? Let’s see if you get chills when the music starts.




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