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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Modelling Clay: ‘Wizards and Fighters’ (DAS, 1982)

AD&D Modelling 1982

AD&D Modelling 1982-2

DAS, still around today, had many licenses at the time, including the Smurfs. The D&D licensing boom of ’82-’83 was aimed at the younger kids who didn’t really understand role-playing yet, but who knew the brand from the older kids, from placement, and, in 1983, from the cartoon and action figures.

The clay figures here were not meant as a game supplement, in other words, like the hundreds of metal miniatures found in every hobby shop. The back of the box makes it very clear: “These kits depicting Advanced Dungeons & Dragons characters are a fun, colorful way to visualize the popular role-playing games’ [sic] adventures.”

And again: “The timeless adventures of powerful wizards, firebreathing dragons and fairy princesses are recreated in these clay modelling kits…”

Not a supplement, but a replacement.

DAS put out at least one more AD&D modelling clay kit, with a pink box, featuring “Goblins and Dragons.”

(Images via Vintage Odds N Ends/eBay)




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