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Comic Book Store, 1978

Comic Shop 1978

The ad, showing Vancouver’s The Comic Shop, is from The First Vancouver Catalogue. The pic on top shows rows and rows of fantasy paperbacks in the glorious heyday of fantasy paperbacks. Several editions of Conan appeared between 1966 (Lancer Books) and the early ’80s. They included Howard’s original stories and new works by contemporary authors, notably L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter.

The Marvel titles in the bigger photo are mostly obscured, but what a great look at all the magazines. Will Eisner’s Spirit, 1984, The Hulk! (formerly The Rampaging Hulk) #10 (Val Mayerik cover art), and The Savage Sword of Conan #33 (killer Earl Norem cover). On the second row, you’ll see a `Jaws vs Ape’ headline. That’s Famous Monsters of Filmland #146.

FM #146 1978

Not cover specialist Bob Larkin’s best work, and why the hell is the ape beating on Jaws, anyway? Here’s my best guess.

1976’s A*P*E (no shit, it stands for Attacking Primate MonstEr) is compellingly awful, and introduces a young Joanna Kerns (the mom in Growing Pains). RKO sued the production company for its blatant attempt to rip off Dino De Laurentiis’s 1976 King Kong remake, hence the hilarious disclaimer at the end of the trailer.

Also, listen for the very poorly edited “See giant ape defy jaw-shark!” I’m sure the narrator originally used ‘jaws’, but was forced to change it due to legal pressure from Universal Pictures. So, in true exploitation fashion, they replaced the ‘s’ by dubbing ‘shark’ over it.


I’m happy to report that The Comic Shop is still there. On the website’s history page, I found a bonus photo of co-founder and owner Ron Norton in 1975. You can spot several more comic magazines behind him, including Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #1, and more fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks (Zelazny, Silverberg) in the foreground.

Comic Shop 1975

(First image via Sequential: Canadian Comics News and Culture)

(Video via TrashTrailers/YouTube)

Comic Book Spinner Rack, 1956

Comic Book Spinner Rack 1956

It took me a while to pinpoint the year on this one, but I got it.

The Little Lulu #94 is on the left, very bottom. The Adventures of Bob Hope #38 is on the same column, three up (it’s also on the next row). Our hero is reading Superman #105.

Little Lulu #94

Bob Hope #38

Superman #105

(Images via Ann Arbor Review of Books, Comic Vine, My Comic Shop, americaniron34)

Boys Reading Comic Books, 1981

Boys Reading Comics 1981

Press photo: September 26, 1981

Looks like the kids are going to or coming from baseball practice. The collection they’re pulling out of the boxes is a mix of comics and magazines. The boy on the left is holding a sheet of baseball cards. I think the kid on the right might be reading Starlog.

(Photo via Big Ole Photos/eBay)

Boy Reading Comic Book, 1944

boy reading superman

boy reading superman-2

superman #30

(Images via Casa Gargantua/eBay and Esquire Comics)

Boys Reading Comic Books (1970, 1973)

boys reading comics 1970

Miamicon, December, 1970. (Photo: The Miami Herald)

boy reading comic 1973

January 20, 1973. (Photo: Unknown)

c&s comic

From Wikipedia:

The Cross and the Switchblade is a book written in 1962 by pastor David Wilkerson with John and Elizabeth Sherrill. It tells the true story of Wilkerson’s first five years in New York City, where he ministered to disillusioned youth, encouraging them to turn away from the drugs and gang violence they were involved with. The book became a best seller, with more than 15 million copies distributed in over 30 languages.

The comic book adaptation came out in 1972. I’m not so sure even one of the good pastor’s thousand pieces would be able to say I love you, but it’s the thought that counts.

(Images via Seattle Washington Archive/eBay and The Haunted Closet)

Boy with Comic Book, 1954

boy reading comic 1954

here's howie #17

Boy Reading Comic Book, 1963

ASM #1

This gave me a little chill. He’s not reading any old comic book. He’s reading The Amazing Spider-Man #1 from 1963! It looks like it’s one of the kid’s birthday presents, and I see other comics underneath Spidey.

ASM #1 today, in off the rack condition, would be worth over $50,000. God knows what else is in that pile.

Images (except the last one) are of a found photo that sold on eBay.

Girls Reading Comic Books, 1982

I love it. That’s Captain America #268.

(Source: Lexibell Vintage Photos)

Boys Reading Comic Book, 1978

Brilliant. There’s a comics rack behind them. I can make out Ms. Marvel, The Defenders, and Star Wars.

(Photo via Lexibell Vintage Photos)

Boys Reading Comic Books

The first photo is from June, 1945, just after V-E Day. The second photo is from 1942, just after the U.S. entered WWII. Both images are from the Life photo archive.

Boys Reading Comics 45

Nina Leen/Life Magazine

Sailor Reading Comic 42

Thomas D. Mcavoy/Life Magazine




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